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    In class yesterday ( I am currently studying to be a Special Ed Teacher) a fellow classmate said that she was homeschooling her teen who is 13 and she was taking classes to make sure the right to teach her child will not be challenged in the future. She also pointed out that being a student gave her access to free textbooks that she uses to teach her child. Apparently, there is quite a few homeschooler parents taking classes in education. But when the teacher pressed her about why she felt her right to teach was being challenged, she said that many people in the community felt that a time would come that parents would have to be certified as a teacher as well to home school. I though CA was the only state considering this? Are more states looking into this as well?

    In God's Amazing Grace!

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    Hi, Lo-Lo! What state is she homeschooling in? I'm in Colorado, and we don't have anything like that in the works that I know of...but I think homeschoolers are always a little edgy about what can happen to our homeschooling rights. All it takes are a few members of our state congress or a court ruling to change things drastically. We homeschoolers don't take our freedoms for granted!

    BTW, I think I'll move this over into the "Educating our Children" sub-forum here, as it does pertain to education. I'd be interested to hear others' can vary so much from state to state.

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      This is in Texas. I talked to the lady some more today and it seems that whatever seems to develop in CA hits TX next. Also, there seems to be a rift brewing wider about homeschoolers taking the same test as public schools to hold homeschoolers accountable. There are too many parents that pull their kids out of school because of discipline problems (theft, vandalism,etc) but instead of dealing with it they yank the kid out of school and say they are homeschooling when if they are not.

      Hope that maybe gives you some more info as to what some issues that are arising here in TX.

      In God's Amazing Grace!


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        Maybe homeschooling is good, regular school has disadvantages as well as homeskooling


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          Well it's true that homeschoolers will lose their rights eventually. The government has already made intrusions into parenting and implies as much as it can that the moment you squeeze a child out they are a ward of the state and it is up to the state to make sure parents do the right things with its kids.

          Not tomorrow...

          but soon enough.


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            Well, would you believe it!!!

            Dropping in on an aquaintance today to deliver a note, I was surprised to discover her 7 and 5 year olds being home-schooled. Mum, a qualified teacher, said they only have to do an hour's 'schooling' and an hour's 'revision' each day to keep up with the national curiculum, leaving plenty of time for other interests - eg. learning to play an instrument or fact-finding nature rambles etc..


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              I can believe that Frances, being in the south of England like you. My senior school children have homework time tables. All in the top sets. So they weren't getting enough, some days no homework for anyone. My wife and i approached the school and the short story is, after a couple of weeks we gave up! This was normal, we shouldn't worry, they'll all do great.

              Actually i want them to be pushed to do the best they are capable of, not settle for the best without homework.

              Often we are told of the hours of lessons of videos or using the schools computers for nonsense instead of work.

              I said to my wife we could send them to school for half the day of just work and then they could come home - but often i'd have to agree with you 2 hours would be enough! SofTy.

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              May the power of the Spirit of our God unite us. SofTy.