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Public, Private, or Homeschool?

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    Re: Public, Private, or Homeschool?

    Originally posted by sonyasayshello View Post

    This is a good question. All three schools for my children! Natasha is my public school middle school daughter. Ilya is my public elementary school son. However, all the children, "Home School"!

    My 3 little girls are named Ava, Tahira, Matryona. They are 5, 3 and 2. I teach them during the day. We read books. I read aloud, and you can read out loud with Ava. We sound out words. We have to learn English and other languages and we learn them with the alphabet songs to sing. We are studying the numbers. Maybe we can use apples. I cut up apples into slices. How many slices? What are the numbers? If we eat some apple slices! Now what? Count again.

    We have to go outside so we have science. This is "home school" science. This was the insect. How many legs? What names for those flowers? Poems about the nature of myth, and I tell them. God has made the beauty we see. They learn behavior. Sharing. Turns. They learn responsibility. After lunch and breakfast Ava is washing cups. Tahira puts on the table spoons. Matryona cleans up some of the toys selected. Good skills.

    For the weekend "home school" for all. This is done away from home. We go to the museum. Study of art. Go fishing on the lake and bookstore for more information. Children to help cook dinner and snacks all the time. They learn the art. We read the Bible. My husband will be able to read the Qur'an to them. They learn the words of books in my Bible and his Qur'an. We play flashcards. Homework time, everyone at the table to help children get the education.

    Sunday morning is a special school. Sunday school. They learn of God and study Bible. That is the private school. They get Christian education.
    I like this! Thank you.

    Welcome to the board, by the way.
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      Re: Public, Private, or Homeschool?

      I must say if I ever have a child, I will do my utmost best to get him or her in a private school.

      I absolutely DO NOT want my child going through what I went through, from head start to high school, from the bus to the cafeteria.

      Private school is the way to go.


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        Re: Public, Private, or Homeschool?

        I had my first child in private school, but once the second came around, I just couldn't afford it anymore. But we did find a great charter school. At the end of the day, the parents will make the most impact on thier own children.
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          Re: Public, Private, or Homeschool?

          I think homeschooling is best, because the Mother spends time with the children, the children are not taught wrong things at a school, and the Mother can teach them what she wants.


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            Re: Public, Private, or Homeschool?

            I've said it before and I will say it again.

            Every one who parents a child has a responsibility - not a right - to seek God's will in how they will educate their children.

            For some that means public school or charter school, for others it means Christian/private school or homeschool. Many times, it means a combination of different schools.

            But that's not the end of story!

            Once the decision has been made - the parent has another obligation to jump in HEADFIRST into that school system, beit public or private, and to become an active partner in their child's education.

            I'm 51 years old and in the past 30 years, I've done it all - literally. Public school, private school, Christian school, tutoring homeschoolers, and now - a charter school. There is good and bad to say about it all.

            And for those who are quick to lay scorn at the feet of public schools - please be careful. I don't say this lightly. The worst years I ever had as far as foul-mouthed students and students who were sexually experimental with no regard for discipline, Christ, or their elders were the four years that I spent at two different Christian schools.

            Beware what doctrine that they are teaching your children. I was amazed at Christian people who just dropped their children off at the door and never asked, "What are you teaching my children?" I taught the Bible for 4 years and conducted chapel for 4th-6th graders for 4 years and no one ever once came to me and asked me just what doctrine that I was teaching. Not a parent - not an administrator - not a co-worker - no one.

            And please watch out for administrators who are good and decent Christian people, but who are not educators, and who are too afraid to discipline children for fear of losing out on that tuition money. And please, please investigate the curriculums that they use! Especially the science, Bible, and history curriculums.

            Just because a child wears a uniform with "Christian" stitched onto his or her shirt doesn't guarantee his or her salvation nor their santification.

            A poor Christian school can be just as destructive as a poor public school - and in my opinion, even worse.

            Use your good judgment as parents, take an active role with whatever type of school you choose, and be vigilant about your child.
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              Re: Public, Private, or Homeschool?

              It's a good question, and clearly there are lots of strong feelings behind it! There are horror stories and success stories behind all three options!

              I was home schooled for elementary, junior high, and high school. I hope to home school my kids the way my mom did me. In response to the typical "what about social needs" fear, I echo what many others said about extracurricular activities. And in response to the typical "I don't want my kids sheltered from the real world" fear, I will say my mom definitely did not shelter us. She educated us on all kinds of sin so that we'd recognize it as such! As a result, I certainly felt more prepared to deal with the world from a Christian perspective.

              I hope to home school, but I won't be dogmatic about it, for two reasons:

              1. Every kid is different. I thrived on home school; my sister did not. She was an absolute terror, disruptive to our family, and even my mom agrees that it would have been better to allow her to attend a public or private school. Maybe my child will have a learning disability. Maybe she will have behavior problems. I hope to home school, but if it becomes clear that another option is better, I will take it.

              2. I may not always be able to home school. I take medication for an anxiety disorder and for bipolar disorder. I am in the process of finding treatment for near-constant migraines, which just made me lose my job. Between mental and physical health issues, it's crazy for me to vow I will only ever home school!


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                Re: Public, Private, or Homeschool?

                I think choosing a school for children needs to be done with much prayer and devotion, whether single or married. My two oldest children were in public school, my oldest for 7 years, my second born for 3 years. My two youngest never attended public school. The public school knew my children were Christian and I had very few problems. We enjoyed homeschooling much more, though there are a few things I would have done differently if I did it again. Homeschooling takes much diligence, but it is worth every minute of it. My children are raised now mostly and my home education days are at a standstill. Now it sort of feels like empty nest syndrome though 3 out of 4 still live with me. I did all of it alone with no husband involvement, because he was not interested in it, but it was the best days of my life thus far. Whatever you choose, seek God's will in it and guidance
                God bless.