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    I'm someone who recently became a Christian, and I'm very curious to understand more about my faith! Of course I learn a lot from my church, but I would like to seek out some other forms of information too! Would you guys on here know of some good resources that I could use to learn more? I understand I could google it myself but I feel like it would be useful to hear some sources from more experienced members of the faith

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    Hello John,

    I think you made an excellent choice by asking experienced members and going to church! Better to get referrals, there is a lot of bad and misleading content out there.

    Depending on what you are looking for, I can recommend these sources (all YouTube):
    • The bible project: an overview of books, stories and subjects from the bible in animated short stories. Helps you to get that helicopter view and some interesting insights.
    • Ask John Piper: a video podcast series wherein a senior pastor answers common and difficult questions from Christians.
    • DTBM: seminars and classes by Dr. Barnett about more experienced subjects (ie. Prophecy, end times, how to live as an adult Christian, etc.)
    • Cross Examined: Christian apologist Frank Turek who answers and debates common secular questions and views.
    • Kent Hovind CSE: powerful video series about evolution.
    There are many more, if you have specific interest I or others could perhaps show you more but these are safe to watch.

    God bless!