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Forum rules for Growing In Christ(A no "debate" forum)

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  • Forum rules for Growing In Christ(A no "debate" forum)

    Forum Rules

    Growing In Christ
    This is a no debate forum

    1 Thessalonians 5:10-11 For God has not destined us for wrath, but for obtaining salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ,who died for us, so that whether we are awake or asleep, we will live together with Him. Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.

    We hope to provide a forum where we can truly stir up or encourage each other to continue to grow closer to Christ. These early times in ones faith walk are exciting and trying. It is a time of clinging to our new person and striving to be more like Him and less like this world, to strengthen confidence and to progress from milk to meat. This forum is a place for the new or maturing Christian to discuss without the fear of debate and ridicule. A place to encourage the weaker brother or sister in Christ to continue in spiritual growth. As the more mature lend a hand to others newer to our faith family we will hopefully find that we are also still growing.

    This forum will be moderated with the understanding that those who are new or newer to the faith hunger for fellowship and mentoring. Posts which are harsh, condemning or are an attempt to debate will be removed. Speak gently and with encouragement using scripture often, building up our brother and sister to a greater maturity.

    The standard board wide rules apply to this forum as well as some clarification listed below. While this looks like a long list of dos and don’ts it really is just common sense items. We as moderators do not want to have to be police and want to enjoy fellowshipping like everyone else. Please help us out and together we can make this the best place on the internet for Christians to come together. If something looks wrong or out of place simply report the post using the triangle symbol in the upper right hand corner of the post.

    Posting Links

    If you post a link please put in a description of what the link is. This way people can decide whether they want to click on it, and don't end up visiting a site they may prefer not to visit. "Check this out" and "I can't believe this" are not considered acceptable descriptions.

    Please do not link to sites that are not appropriate for Christians to be visiting - if you wouldn't send it to your pastor please think twice about posting it here.

    Following Links

    If you see a link be aware of what it might lead to. While we all work towards keeping unsavoury links off the board it's impossible for us to catch everything the moment it is posted.

    Also be aware that a link might appear to be something it isn't. Your browser should tell you the destination of a link if you hover your mouse over it, so use the following two links as an example of how things might not be what they seem:


    Political topics

    Discussion of politics is currently not allowed. If you want to talk about the economy, job security, and things that affect your daily life, go right ahead. If you want to talk about how good/bad Bush was or how good/bad Obama is going to be, save your time typing because it will be deleted.

    If someone starts a thread about something unrelated to politics, don't bring politics into it. Firstly it derails the thread, and secondly it creates more work for moderators to delete your post.

    Sexual topics

    It is an unfortunate fact of life that many people are bound by sexual immorality. We recognize that such issues do make some people uncomfortable, but to deny the existence of these issues is to simply concede ground to the enemy.

    The official board stance on sexual immorality (which covers homosexuality, adultery, fornication, pornography, etc) is that it is sin and therefore not something that a Christian should be practicing.

    Whenever these topics come up there's usually a few people who post repeatedly trying to justify the sin. This may be for a number of reasons, and we may tolerate it to a point, but we do have a line in the sand that we will not allow to be crossed.

    If you have an addiction to something sexual in nature you can talk with Slug1 (male) or Cheech (female) in the "Breaking the Chains" forum. It is also best to discuss anything sexual in our gender specific forums which are Solomon's Porch (for men) and Women At The Well (for women)

    War-related topics (pro or con)

    This is a tough subject, as people at all points in the political spectrum have different views which they believe in strongly. You are free to discuss your views on war, subject to the standard rules of discussion

    Operational Security (OPSEC)

    Intelligence collection and analysis are very much like assembling pieces of a puzzle. Small pieces of information may be obtained from many sources and then assembled to form the bigger picture.

    The premise of OPSEC is that the accumulation of one or more elements of sensitive information could damage national security by revealing classified information. The goal of OPSEC as a countermeasures program is to deny an adversary pieces of the intelligence puzzle.

    So with this in mind any posts dealing with the military or similar organisation can and will be reviewed and may be deleted without explanation. If your post is deleted please accept the decision of the moderation staff and do not repost it.

    For the latest update to this OPSEC Rule, click here.

    Posts disappearing

    If a thread disappears it may have been moved into the Controversial forum or it may have been deleted. If you posted something and it's not there any more you should read this sub forum rules. Please don't post it again.

    If Your Post is Edited, Moved, or Deleted

    In our efforts to maintain this forum’s focus on edification and growing to maturity in Christ, there are times when the MODs will need to edit, move, or delete a post. This may be done without notice.Sometimes, we may also post a “MOD Note” in the thread in order to get discussion back on track. None of these actions should be seen as a “slap on the hand” but simply an effort to keep the environment here in Growing in Christ conducive for spiritual growth. If you have a question as to why your post has been edited or deleted, please feel free to start a Chat to Moderators.
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    Mal 3:16 Then they that feared the Lord spake often one to another: and the Lord hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was written before him for them that feared the Lord, and that thought upon his name.