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God changes me, but make me feel hard.

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  • Need Advice: God changes me, but make me feel hard.

    I decided to follow Christ at May,28
    God always lead me to do right things.
    But when i read Bible, I find that God is unpleasant about the sex before marriage.
    I'm 23 now, as you can see, there is always sex thoughts in my mind.
    How can i fix it?

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    Re: God changes me, but make me feel hard.

    I am divorced from a fellow believer. According to scripture I am not to remarry unless it is to my ex husband. I struggled with that for a while but then began to pray about it. Eventually I was lead to pray that God take the desire from me for a man in my life and to take away my desire for sex so that I could honor God by being obedient to such a mandate. He answered my prayer and I truly have no desire for sex or a relationship anymore. I would suggest you pray a sincere prayer along similar lines, adjusting your prayer in line with your desire to honor God while waiting for marriage.
    Don't seek too much knowledge. You just may be putting more weight on your shoulders than you're able to bare. Let God be the one to decide how quickly you grow.


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      Re: God changes me, but make me feel hard.

      The whole bible is for us.............. But ! Not to us. In this time.............

      We are now all Gentiles ............. But of course Being Married is the time for sex. So find a person to get married to.

      Romans through Philmens is our time............. books......
      Eph. 2:8
      For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
      9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.