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    A promise to the overcomer:

    A Pillar in the temple of God who shall go no more out. Revelation 3:12As I studied the word pillar I came across something interesting. A pillar is a particular and/or irregular object standing alone and not necessarily supporting something else. Deviating from the size and shape of being a just column, pillars are often either too massive or too slender for regular architectural support. They are not restricted to any rules in their making, and their parts and proportions are according to the will and discretion of the designer or builder. A pillar such as Jesus mentions here is a monument. So as we think about this promise what we see is Jesus setting the overcomer in the temple of His God as monument, a monument that testifies of His deliverance, to be forever seen and enjoyed by Christ Himself. To think we could be someone so loved and enjoyed by our Savior is indescribable.

    On Sundays a few of us choose to gather ourselves together in the house of God to worship Him. We offer prayers to Him, sing praises to Him, make offerings for His work and listen to His word taught and preached. Out of the few who go how many look forward to it with great anticipation as something greatly longed for? Only God knows the answer to that. However, I would say many people go to church, as we call it, because they feel it's their duty or to ease their conscience. They hope the Sunday School lesson, singing and sermon will be entertaining. They hope the preacher will end by 12pm so they can get to the restaurant or home in front of the TV. Basically they come to get out. Jesus' promise to the overcomer is they will go no more out of the temple of His God. I realize what Jesus is speaking of is probably far different than what we would call church, but it's still hard to imagine the person who comes to church to get out and the overcomer are the same person. Most churches are not what they should be, but church is not about us, it's about Jesus and if that truth became firmly planted in our hearts it would change our churches into temples of God.