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America, Once So Beautiful

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  • America, Once So Beautiful

    Her beautiful for spacious skies, and amber waves of grain,
    Her purple mountain majesties, no longer seem the same.
    America its true, God did shed His grace on thee,
    But thou hast failed to acknowledge Him, and this ought not to be.

    Though He has prospered us, and blessed us above all others.
    He made us strong by giving us, both godly fathers and praying mothers.
    From our goodly heritage though, we definitely have strayed.
    How much better off we'd be, if in the paths of our fathers we had stayed.

    What God requests for us to do, is really not all that demanding.
    He just wants us to trust in Him, and lean not to our own understanding.
    But America in all our worldly desires, we have failed to look to Him,
    And our nation founded upon His word, is now filled with shame and sin.

    The name of one who gave us life, in prayer and thought many never mention,
    While something so small without a microscope can't be seen, has everyone's attention.
    America, once so beautiful, let us all without delay,
    With bended knees and humble hearts, turn to God and pray.