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    Just a common man.
    Always feeling there had to be a mistake. How could this woman child have fallen in love with me.
    Just a common man.
    By Gods Grace I was chosen to be by her side. Her laughter would fill a room.
    She reserved a secret smile just for me.
    Just a common man.
    She could command respect from leaders and allow a small child to teach her.
    Yet she entrusted her soul to me.
    Just a common man.
    She became friends with thousands.
    Yet chose me to be her lover.
    Just a common man.
    A woman who gave answers and made thing happen. Lifted spirits of the weak, and humbled the mighty.
    Yet wanted to be a child in my arms.
    Just a common man.
    She embraced many, easing pains and conquering fears.
    But wanted only me to hold her hand crossing the avenue.
    Just a common man.
    She would spend her life collecting followers.
    Mentoring many.
    Yet insisted I lead in our love dance.
    Just a common man.
    She could walk out the door and command respect, carry responsibility for many. Fight for the weak, and stand by the humble.
    When I'd come home, she had the coffee on and listened when I told her about my day. I felt as though I was the only thing that mattered.
    Just this common man.
    A woman who could have chosen the rich, the scholar, the poet, the powerful. Any number who would have placed her on a pedestal, showered her with gifts and wrote poetry for her.
    She chose to walk beside me, and share all the intimacies of our lives together.
    Just a common man.
    There must have been a mistake.