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Carry On, O Soul

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  • Carry On, O Soul

    The sun alighted the vale
    A picturesque wonder,
    Glorious and beautiful
    It was, like in
    The pages of a fairy tale;
    In the warm summer breeze
    Gently swaying were the trees,
    All around us, were fields of green
    And lovely flowers,
    Eternity was transformed
    Into the hour,
    We were in paradise
    It seemed!

    The riches we had
    Nothing could measure
    When you and I, and
    Everyone were together,
    Happiness filled the air
    Nothing appeared strange
    Enveloped in the moment
    There was no need for
    Anything to be rearranged,
    Our hearts were overwhelmed
    In beauty and love
    We looked at the white clouds
    Up above,
    That appeared spiritual
    And ever sublime
    As they sailed down the river
    Of endless time,
    Being led in grace
    Our souls did follow, as
    They journeyed on to
    The elysian shore
    Into the glory of heaven
    That is forever and evermore

    But that was then
    This is now
    How the world has changed,
    All former things are past
    Truth, love, community
    Nothing is the same,
    Now we live in an artificial world
    Both material and spiritual
    Nothing is real,
    It is become a crime
    To have sense and logic
    Ostracized, demonized
    If you can still feel;
    But, carry on, o soul
    Do not fall away
    From the simple and pure,
    There is darkness and evil
    Implanted in the world
    Do not fall prey
    In truth endure,
    Keep your eyes fixed
    In the distance, follow
    The clouds to the elysian shore,
    A new world awaits
    To the true
    God opens the door

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    Re: Carry On, O Soul

    I like it, it did take a bit of a darker turn towards the end, but i still really like it.


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      Re: Carry On, O Soul

      Thank you for tuning in and for the compliment T.

      I know that the poem took a dark turn at the end.
      Many people may disagree with this stance. But
      that is how the story flows and how I perceive
      the reality of this modern existence.

      I have absolutely no faith in this present dark and evil world,
      in mankind in general, including myself. That is why I keep
      looking up to the higher good. Does this mean that all I have to do is
      to remain passive, wish and hope for this good to somehow
      magically manifest itself? No, not at all! For that kind of mindset
      only negates the reality of what is, your role and participation in
      life, overcoming and the spiritual battle we fight. That is why we
      all need to look to the higher good, our Savior, for guidance that
      He would direct our footsteps into His world of truth and light...


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        Very much appreciate your dropping by and leaving your nice comment, Leprecocoa.
        And it joys me to see that something I have written has touched you so!


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          Originally posted by isabellamia003
          The riches we had Nothing could measure When you and I, and Everyone were together
          Hello isabella, I see this is your first post. Welcome to BibleForums! I hope you'll enjoy your stay here.

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          John 15:17 "These things I command you, that ye love one another."


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            How great! pretty good enough.


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              Originally posted by victoriaSwalker View Post
              How great! pretty good enough.
              Thank you, Victoria; I appreciate the compliment. There are many great poems

              by other writers on this forum, you should check them out...