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  • If You Believe

    Caressed by shadows and silence
    interrupted by lightning and thunder;
    brief breaths and idleness
    as you drift into slumber.

    You can find a new place
    only few can see
    In far-reaching space
    If you believe

    There you’ll find gentle waters
    A ship with an open door
    with comfortable quarters
    is waiting for you on shore.

    An angelic choir
    on the bow sings
    And on the stern
    white wings

    Board the ship of adventure
    to lands unsure
    No need for provisions,
    Just untie the moor

    You’ll find friendly otters
    refusing to be still;
    If you jump in the waters,
    you’ll grow gills.

    In the land of dreams,
    you can make peace even with wraiths
    if bursting at the seams
    is your faith.

    Everything is plausible,
    anything you conceive;
    nothing is impossible
    if you believe.