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  • Daughters Eve'n

    Daughters Eve'n (a poem; free to distribute)

    O Hushhhhh, ye Daughters Eve'n -- Now come!, Draw close., Now closer 'till, gathering 'round about Me, being reverent, finding quiet – still …

    Now well hearken to My prudent words, to the silver-aged counsel of thy Mother – “Wisdom - wise”; Take stock., Be sure. Seeing alway, that ye are ne'er sage, not clean, nor righteous, “in thine own eyes”.

    For all such vainglory is e'er unbecoming; yet now mindfully keep foremost the one encompassing, yea, all-important thing, 'tis that Christ Jesus, upon the cross, died for precious you – Wonder and Marvel! at such unfathomable love that God has toward the sinful being.

    Behold now your Saviour - the Lamb Victorious!!!, Conqueror over the foul dominion of Satan – sin, selfishness - death and the grave; Amidst innumerable angelic throngs, ascended to the Holy Hill, His Father on High, whom it was to the world forever, His Son, He gave.

    O, ye shoots of Miriam, take up in thine instruments the Redeeming strain! sing praises, hallelujahs and amens, praying for His Kingdom come; for thine own triumph is also assured when thy heart is submitted to His, saying, “God, thy will be done.”

    Faithful Children -- Now careful!, Be watchful., lest ye soon forget to heed the Spirit that ye ought “Remember, Lot's Wife”, that pillar of salt; so therefore, keep close the promises of God, who being utmost able to present thee before His throne - without fault.

    So, take up thy Bible, thy daily duties, thy church family, thy husband, thy children, with prayer; lifting up thy voice unto God, e'er with cheerfulness, thanksgiving, compassion and care.

    I charge thee now beloved, most sacredly solemn, that ye keep to the Way, cease not also in Jesus to believe in; ...Yea, take the time to remember that ye are His… Daughters Eve'n.

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