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  • Spiral


    Secrets are written on the wind
    Always present but out of grasp
    Shadows from eons of sin
    Whispers from a moment past

    Many turned away their eyes
    Those deeds done in the night
    No one heard the youthful cries
    None cared about their fright

    Now the aberrant stand in the day

    Boldly saying what they do is right
    That God wanted them to be this way
    With their time to rule in sight

    Jesus loved the little children
    Saying any harm to them regret
    But will the law make slaves of them
    Being changed to favor the deviant

    Written 2018.
    Given by the Spirit to be shared with all but claimed by none. All praise and glory belong to Him.

    Noah's Ark only had one door, the only way for them to be saved. Today there is still only one way..Jesus.