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    Heavenly Father, Almighty God,
    Praise be to you O'Lord, for you are the one true living God. You are my rock and my fortress, my high tower who protects me from the enemy.
    Lord, I have been wandering in the wilderness for some time now, yet you are there with me. You are faithful and merciful yet sometimes I can't help but wonder why you are mindful of me. Please don't let me question such things but instead, please give me the strength, the trust and the faith that no matter the cost, I will be used to bring glory to your Name. Use all that I am, the good and the bad to honor you Lord God.
    It's a hard thing Father to pray such things sometimes. The thought of using my shame and unfaithfulness goes against my pride and my flesh. But if it means that I can be used to further your kingdom then let it be so O'Lord.
    Is it wrong to ask how you are doing Father? Grant me the ability to seek the power of your hands. Grant me the ability to sit at your feet, just as a child, to seek your face.
    Your Word says, "A broken heart and contrite spirit You will not despise", ...and joy comes in the morning.
    Please let me abide under the shadow of your wings O'Lord God.
    You alone are worthy O'God!
    Praise be to you forever and ever.
    I love you Father,
    I love you Jesus,
    I lover you Holy Spirit,
    In Jesus' name I pray.