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Wherefore Art Thou

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  • Wherefore Art Thou

    Wherefore Art Thou ?

    Art thou hidden from thy God amongst the trees and bushes, naked and ashamed as Adam
    or doth ye wear the breastplate of Truth and walketh in the garden with Him?
    Come forth dear child and be not afraid for He hath not contempt for thee but giveth
    freely of His love and desireth not that ye should perish as the leaves which falleth in
    their season but that ye should serve Him and receiveth His blessings and live
    forevermore. He beckons thee, answer thou Him.

    Given by the Spirit to be shared with all but claimed by none. All praise and glory belong to Him.
    Noah's Ark only had one door, the only way for them to be saved. Today there is still only one way..Jesus.

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    Re: Wherefore Art Thou

    Beautiful language and beautiful invitation. Thanks.