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So much for one girl to take!

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  • So much for one girl to take!

    Tonight I shared a book called Searching for a God to Love with a friend.

    We've had lots of discussions about God and beliefs since we became friends. She's not very confident in what she believes, and right now I believe her heart is open to hearing more so she can grow.

    She wants to talk with her boyfriend (he's really into science and doesn't really believe in God) about God because if their relationship is going to go furthur, she wants God to be a part of it.

    Please pray that she learns things from the book that will help her grow first of all, and that her boyfriend's heart will soften so he will be able to hear what she will have to share with him, because I do believe she will tell him what she learns.

    I believe right now is crucial. God is revealing Himself to her by showing her that He's there, even when things go wrong.

    About a month ago, a theif broke into her house while she was gone. Miraculously, some police officers who were on their way home from work (around midnight, I believe) saw some guy walking out of her apartment with some stuff. They called out to him and he took off running. The thief didn't go back into the house, which was wonderful. They could've taken so much stuff, but they didn't. It's even more amazing to me because of the reputation the police have in this country (most people seem to feel inclined to run away from the police when they need help - it's a very corrupt system here). I spent the weekend with her because she was afraid to be alone, and we did a lot of talking.

    Yesterday she lost her brother and her wallet for a period of time. She found them both, although her money was gone. But the person left the cards, which she was very grateful for.

    She told me she's a walking disaster. I told her it's not true.

    I think there are two people out there who are trying to get her attention. One to say, "Heh heh heh. You're doomed!" And the other to say, "Hey, it's okay. I've got you covered. Shh. *hug* It's okay. I'm here." I pray she listens to the right voice.
    Дорогой Господь - Ти чудово! Дякую! Амінь.

    Dear Lord - You're wonderful! Thank you. Amen.

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    I will pray for this girl.
    The devil attacks you the most when he is losing you, and when you are getting ready to do something for God.

    I have never found anyone, however religious and devout who did not sometimes experience withdrawal of grace, or feel a lessening of devotion. -Thomas a Kempis

    If You Need Help, Ask God. If You Don't, Thank God. -Unknown

    The devil is a better theologian than any of us and is a devil still. -A.W. Tozer


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      Praying that the Lord reveals himself to this Woman and her boyfriend and that he delivers them from the hand of the devil in Jesus holy name, Amen.


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        Lord how Awesome you are!!! We cannot comprehend how powerful and mighty you are!!!
        Jesus I ask for your guidance, wisdom to open their eyes to you. In Russia, the struggle is very hard, and intense.
        Lord, I pray for blessings for these people. In Christ name I pray.