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  • possible health issue

    I went to give blood today and passed the iron count just fine (something I don't always pass.) But then I was rejected due to elevated pulse and blood pressure. My pulse was 103, and my blood pressure was 154/101. Even now at home and nearing bed time, my pulse is sitting around 100. I don't have a BP machine to know what it is, but based on this morning, it feels high too. I was hoping that maybe I was just having a reaction to an OTC medication that I started taking this weekend, but I took my last one this morning at 6am, and it's a four-hour med. I think the side effects would be gone it that's what it was, though I haven't check with a pharmacist to be sure. (If there are any on the board, PM me if you don't mind.) I've been feeling weird sensations in my chest and head for about a week, and now I know what they have been. I knew my job had stressed me out over the past couple of weeks, and my family always keeps me stressed. I didn't know it was doing this to me.

    We have a doctor at work I can go see, but there won't be time until Friday, if he's even going to be in. Also, I just don't want to have something like this (my brat-moment). I don't have time in my life for doctor visits and such, but most of all, I hope my body isn't being damaged before I can make it to a doctor. It will probably be awhile before I have anything to tell. I just ask for you to add me to your prayer list.


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    You are on my prayer list StillForgiven.. I'm not a medical expert but If you do some research you will see that stress and depression can cause various physical problems. Very serious ones too. There are many ways you can treat them, I've been taking 2 hot baths a day, exercising 30 minutes a day, eating healthier, taking a multi-vitamin and getting massage therapy a few times a month and It has helped so much. Just my 2 cents.


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      Praying that you will get this issue resolved quickly, and that a doctor will be there to see you! Im lifitng you up before the Lord now.
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      Jack Chick

      For though I am absent from you in body,I am present with you in spirit, and delight to see how orderly you are, and how firm your faith in Christ is.
      Colossians 2:5 . NIV


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        As one who also struggles with high blood pressure, I will continually keep you before the Lord in prayer.

        And yes, there are some OTC's, especially antihistimines that can trigger it in me.


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          I am praying for you and see your doc....


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            I saw the company doctor today (awesome doctor and probably my new PCP), and she's optimistic that I'm going to be fine without BP meds. She thinks I've developed a sensitivity to NSAIDs (Alieve for me). I haven't been on it for about a week, because I knew I was going to try to give blood on Monday. Today my BP was down to 145/85, which is still not great, but way better. My pulse was 105.

            She's running some lab work, just to be sure it's not any family history coming up to bite me, and I go back next Wednesday for another BP check and the lab results. Until them, I'm off all NSAIDs and...caffine! Yeah, that's what she said. There's also the fact that I'm very overweight due to some metabolic issues which we will be working on. She still feels this will be resolved without BP meds.

            Thanks for your prayers.

            ps. Something else that is really cool, since I went to the company clinic, the visit and labs didn't cost me anything.


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              Almighty Awesome Lord!!! Thank you for letting me pray for your children! I love them. I love you Lord. I pray for them. Jesus I pray for his health, I pray for the right medication.
              I pray for his blood, Lord. Thank You!!!