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UPDATE Thanks for the prayer requests

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  • UPDATE Thanks for the prayer requests

    I filed a report with a female officer yesterday (about the stalker female) and just today met with a detective in charge of Internet Crime. He said based on the evidence I have provided in print and verbally (and he did not contact my witness) he had enough evidence to warrant a arrest of this female. However since this female resides in a liberal state with much broader definitions of harassment, stalking, etc this case is not enough to expedite this female over to my state to go before a judge.

    He suggested I not send anymore CEASE AND DESIST emails or make any web board posts of this nature. He suggested I ignore her and as much as I dislike it, this female can make me look like a playboy or whatnot on a website and there is nothing I can do about it! However he strongly suggested that I contact the police if she shows up in my state and then she will be arrested and go before a judge.

    The female had claimed I was libilious as I had responded to a post she had made on a web board and said that she was stalking me, harassing me, and that she stole photos of mine and made me look like a fool on her website. This female assertions is correct by the state laws in her liberal state, but not so in my state which has a far far more conservative definition of the term "harassment" or "stalking."

    This female has called me "diaper boy", she has claimed I have a "porn star friend", she has called me a "cultist" and used many many other defaming names.

    The detective said he would try and give her a call, but cant guarantee that she wont contact me, as that is not illegal in her state.

    So pray that she will stop. I may consider changing my email address of 10 years to a GMail address. I get loads of spam on Yahoo and its as slow as a snail. Gmail is much faster and has more features. Yahoo is highway robery.