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Some new prayer requests

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  • Some new prayer requests

    I would appreciate it greatly if you guys could pray for the following aspects of me and my wife's lives:

    Witnessing opportunities: About a month or so ago, I joined a men's bowling league in Muskegon, Michigan. This is the third year in a row that I've been involved in league bowling, as it is a hobby that I enjoy greatly. At one point, I got the thought in my head that the Lord wants me to become a professional bowler. I don't know if that is something that will ever come to fruition, but if it doesn't, I am okay with that. That is not easy for me to say, because bowling is one of the few areas of my life where I am extremely competitive. The weird thing is, I'm not competitive with other people; I'm competitive with myself. What I mean by that is that I always want to do better than I did last time, and when I don't, I'm pretty hard on myself as a result. Anyways, the point is that I would appreciate it if you guys would pray that the Lord would provide ample opportunities to witness to the other guys in my bowling league, and that I would take full advantage of them in a respectful and loving way. After all, the vast majority of the guys in my league are 50 and above, so I want to treat them with the courtesy and respect they deserve. Also, please be praying that I would be able to set aside enough money to save up for my own bowling ball and shoes, since I am still using house equipment at this point. Having my own stuff will dramatically increase my ability to do well, since the bowling balls at bowling alleys are typically covered in nicks and scratches and soaked with oil, and I won't have to pay for shoes each and every time I bowl if I have my own.

    Family health: Please be praying for my maternal grandparents, Eugene and Wanda, as they both have Alzheimer's Disease and are slowly but surely deteriorating. They are in their mid-eighties (85 or 86), and still live at home, but my mom makes it a point to drive from Petoskey, Michigan to Detroit, which is where they live, on a fairly regular basis. Also, her older brother Paul and SIL Jan live in the same subdivision as my grandparents and check in on them occasionally, but they have their own health problems. For instance, my uncle Paul had hip replacement surgery on both of his hips several years ago, and fairly recently had to have them done again. Also, his wife Jan has several different health problems and is on all kinds of different medications in order to treat them, and as a result, is not mentally alert most of the time. At least, that's what I understand the situation to be from what my mom told me when my wife and I were up to visit her and my step-dad last week. So, please be praying that the Lord would heal my uncle Paul and aunt Jan in Detroit fully and completely, they would come to a saving knowlege of Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior, and that they would be able to check in on my grandparents more regularly. Also, please be praying that, if it is the Lord's will, He would heal them completely from Alzheimer's, and that if not, there would be a minimum amount of suffering as the illness progresses. I have not seen my grandparents in several years, but it's pretty hard for me to consider the fact that they will have to be moved out of their home fairly soon and moved into some form of assisted living. It is also hard to think that this disease, if the Lord does not heal them from it, will eventually take their lives. As hard as it is for me to deal with their illness, I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it is for my mom and her two brothers, who have to deal with it on a fairly regular basis. After all, they remember when their parents were healthy, intelligent, productive members of society, and now they are having to deal with a role reversal of sorts, where they are the parents and their parents are degenerating into the completely dependent children. So, please be praying that God would use this situation to draw my mom and her siblings, as well as their families, to Himself, and that they would be drawn closer to each other, as well.

    Stewardship of time and other resources: Please be praying that as I start third shift next week, that I am able to set up a healthy sleep schedule so that I get the rest necessary to perform my job well, as well as do all the other things the Lord wants me to do. Also, please be praying that I am able to take full advantage of any witnessing opportunities that may present themselves while I am at work, so that I can be the "city on a hill" that the Lord calls me to be. After all, the kinds of people who shop and work at supermarkets during third shift seem to be a slightly different breed than those who do so during the day. Not any better or worse, mind you. Just different. In addition, please be praying for me and my wife during this time, that this new schedule will not hamper our times of intimacy and that we will both not be traumatized by having to sleep alone, at least for a time. After all, I will only be working all third shift until the end of this year. After that, at least a couple of my shifts per week will be second shift.

    Other family stuff: Please be praying for my wife's uncle who lost his wife of over 50 years at the beginning of this year. He has been having a hard time of it since then, so please be praying God would surround him with His comfort and love. He and his wife stood up for me and my wife at our wedding as my wife's honorary grandparents, since both sets of her grandparents have long since passed away when she was quite young. As a result, they hold a special place in her heart. Also, please be praying for my mom and step-dad, as the industry in which they are both employed, namely construction, has suffered setbacks, as have many other industries and companies, as a result of America's sluggish economy as of late. They are both still employed, so please be praying that they remain so, and that God showers their respective companies with mercy and favor so that they not only remain in business, but continue to thrive and grow, contrary to the surrounding circumstances. By the way, I have reason to believe that the man who runs the construction company where my mom works as the office manager is a godly Christian, so that could be another way my mom hears about the gospel and sees it lived out.

    That's about it for now. I sure appreciate all the prayers sent heavenward on me and my wife's behalf. I have no doubt they make a huge difference. Likewise, I consider it an honor and a privilege to pray for all of your requests, no matter how small or trivial they may seem to you. God bless, and I look forward to seeing how God is going to use all of us in the future.

    Yours in Christ,

    "Mark the blameless man, and behold the upright; for the man of peace will have a posterity." Psalms 37:37, NASB

    "Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." Matthew 5:9, NASB

    "The only people who do not see Christ and his teachings as nonviolent are Christians."
    Mohandas K. Gandhi

    "Fighting to preserve peace is like [expletive deleted] to preserve virginity." Dr. Stanley Hauerwas, Gilbert T. Rowe Professor of Theological Ethics, Duke University Divinity School

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    I am praying for you for the above mentioned intentions My father
    had alzheimers and it is a diffucult road to travel. God bless.


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      My prayers are with you and your family!

      Jesus please hear my prayers always for..

      Lorie & Her Son's Matty & Josh
      Mieke & Charles,Vhayes & her Husband
      SteelerBabe,Ken, Gracie, Mike
      Colo & Famiy & MercyChild
      Daughter & Family
      Vickie & Ashley
      For ALL suffering with ALS
      Moonglow and Nate
      My Brother Greg, and Sister Victoria, Dad & Cecilia
      Maureen and her Sons Kevin & Keith
      Kevin & Gwen, Ron & Angel
      Gary &Cleaveland
      EVERYONE here at the BibleForums
      Please Jesus hear my prayers...

      ***GOD BLESS***

      Redneck Charger..


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        Praying for you and for your family.