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Needing some Prayers

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  • Needing some Prayers

    Hey guys, I'm really in need of prayer. Lately I've been feeling like all my friends are slipping away from my grasp (Christian and Non-Christian). Also I am going to do something that I should've done a couple weeks ago regarding this girl. I'm gonna send her an email telling her that ill give her space but when shes ready to talk, don't be afraid to come talk to me. Doing this is just gonna be real tough because I do truly care for her and love her, and by giving her space, I hope it shows her how much I care for her. The last thing is, I'm going home this weekend and going to the doctor to get and MRI on my left knee. There are many possibilities regarding my knee, either a torn meniscus, or my ACL/MCL are straining, either way it's really got me worrying. So, I just need your guys prayers right now to help me through, what I think, is the toughest time in my life so far, with the girl and my knee and my friends.

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    for your Healing of body, mind and spirit, also the Peace of the Lord . . .


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      Jesus, please hear my prayers for dbrace.. Please take care of his knee problems, and lead him the right way reguarding this Lady he knows Please Jesus..

      Jesus please hear my prayers always for..

      Lorie & Her Son's Matty & Josh
      Mieke & Charles,Vhayes & her Husband
      SteelerBabe,Ken, Gracie, Mike
      Colo & Famiy & MercyChild
      Daughter & Family
      Vickie & Ashley
      For ALL suffering with ALS
      Moonglow and Nate
      My Brother Greg, and Sister Victoria, Dad & Cecilia
      Maureen and her Sons Kevin & Keith
      Kevin & Gwen, Ron & Angel
      Gary &Cleaveland
      EVERYONE here at the BibleForums
      Please Jesus hear my prayers...

      ***GOD BLESS***

      Redneck Charger..


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        Praying for you and all the situations and circumstances you mentioned


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          Father, for the times we go through when it seems like everyone else is slipping away from us, it is those times You are closest to us. I pray that dbrace will sense Your presence. Father give him the words he needs in letting this girl he will give her space. Give him peace in his heart in knowing he is doing the right thing.
          Lord, I also ask that You be with him when he goes for this MRI and give the doctors wisdom in finding out exactly what it is.May it be dealt with and healed quickly.
          Help dbrace to know there are times in our journey when we walk with others side by side and then there are times when You call us to walk alone with You. May he praise You during this time.
          In Jesus Name,amen
          .................The message of the cross divides the human race." ~MW~

          ........ ... " LORD, I beseech thee, let now thine ear be attentive to the prayer of thy servant..."
          .................................................. .................................................. ...Nehemiah 1:11a