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  • Prayer and Praise

    I have a prayer and a praise. My daughter prepared a sunday school lesson for her middle school youth group this past weekend.
    Her lesson was on sin and repentance. Her main attack was on One saved always saved doctrine and she researched three pages of biblical references, refuting OSAS and supporting the opposite.
    Unfortunately she didn't get a chance to present all the material she had composed because the students and the teacher interrupted her (and according to her) wouldn't let her finish. The crux of their argument was that once you accept Jesus into your heart, you will go to heaven, no matter what.
    My daughter is 11 and I am so proud of her witness.
    She was devastated yesterday but is bouncing back nicely, but I would like to lift her up while she's at school today and to Praise God that he has blessed me with a Bold Christian daughter who is unafraid to speak out loud about the problem of sin, even if it is not preached from our pulpit.