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    Hi everyone! It has been some time since I have been on here...I feel kind of "needy" asking for prayers here..but I have just acquired a new job with the county that I live in and I am very excited. However, I do not have a good history with keeping a job due to my anxiety/panic attack issues. This job with the county could be my ticket to freedom and to live on my own, so I am quite nervous. As of now I feel exhausted and to be honest even less energetic now than I did with my last job. My mind is a battlefield for me and I feel sick everyday. I have been on medications since I was 10 years old, and recently went through a horrible withdrawal in 2016. I am okay now, but not the same person I was....I just need some prayers of encouragement and healing. The strength to persevere with this amazing opportunity.
    To be honest it is a miracle I was accepted for this job as I don't meet any requirements, and put my resume into it as a fluke! It really is a blessing.

    Thank You,

    Not all who wander are Lost.
    ~ J.R.R. Tolkien

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    Re: Prayer For Strength

    I'm proud of you, best wishes and blessings coming your way!


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      Re: Prayer For Strength

      Hey my friend!

      So nice to see you here again! I have been through some serious stuff myself and currently waiting for urgent surgery. I am so proud of you! I always knew you could do it!
      I am not a therapist so i cant tell you what you should do but i do know that in this difficult time i try to fill my head with tons of Bible study and where Scriptures are in my head, there can be no doubts, fears and anxiety. Charles taught me not to look ahead but take a step at the time as losing my physical abilities to move can be very frightening, so when i get insecure i find myself in the Bible because all i need to know is in there! Of course i will pray for you and if you have time, shoot me pm so we can catch up!

      Love you,
      Glorious Day
      Living He loved me
      Dying He saved me
      Buried He carried my sins far away
      Risen He justified
      Freely forever
      One day He's coming
      Oh Glorious Day!

      Casting Crowns