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Godly man needs a touch from the Lord

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  • Godly man needs a touch from the Lord

    I come before you to ask for prayer for a guy at my church. This guy still suffers from injuries from a car accident he had almost nine years ago. For the past few weeks ever time I would get around this guy I would get this feeling like something wasn't right. I spoke to him a few nights ago and asked him how he was doing. I didn't have any idea how bad this was for him until I talked to him that night, even though I've known him for months. He told me that he's gradually getting worse. He told me that he's in constant pain and that he can't take being in pain anymore. This guy has a doctor's appointment this week to see if there is anything that can be done to help relieve him of some of this pain. So please help pray that the Lord will touch this man and that he will be lead to doctors that can do something about his pain.

    Some of the comments this guy said were red flags that something was wrong. He admitted to me that he is depressed and that he's thinking about leaving the ministry among other things. I went to my youth pastor and his wife about my concerns. I wanted to make sure that someone that had authority to help this guy was aware of things so that they can keep a check on him. It turns out that they had just spoken to him a little bit before I had came to them. I'm just glad they noticed something wasn't right and did something. This guy was in a lot better spirits today at church. So please also pray that the Lord will continue to give him peace and comfort and help give him the strength to indure through this until the doctors find some way to help relieve his pain.

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    Seems like your prayers and action are already having an effect. I will add some as well. We all need prayers.