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Aid to Grow and Aid to Survive

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  • Aid to Grow and Aid to Survive

    I posted a while back in the urgent message forums and eventually an update about my father being arrested for Shoplifting. We've gotten him help right now we're just waiting to see what happens. He was taking two medications that have side effects when taken with each other and if he hadn't stopped taking them it could have been fatal. I'm thankful that we discovered about that but with the charges still pending and us waiting to see what will happen...we're stuck. There's a way where if my Dad gets help shows that it was the medicine and since it was his first time he won't really be charged and punishment will be deferred. However until this is decided on we're stuck here.

    24 years ago my parents went to a small church in a small town near where we currently live. My parents were part of the key generation that made that church what it is. However my Dad was in the army and so we got moved around and only went to this church when we were visiting family. We've changed, we haven't been here in this town and we don't fit anymore. Neither me or my parents feel a true spiritual connection to this church, at least not one that can help us grow in Christ.

    We're being suffocated. We think some of the dogs that are allowed to roam killed a little kitten last night that we had been taking care of. BJ as we call her lived outside with her mother Boots and was wary of most humans and so we could never get them to come inside. Trying to pet BJ and feed her was the last thing in this town that brought a true smile to my face. And I think God has taken that too.

    I want to grow, no I NEED to grow. But we can't abandon this church. It would be like stabbing them in the back. We don't want to live here. We want to have our own home. The church has offered us the parsonage but again none of us have jobs, we have no major income and all it would do would allow us to have our stuff with us while we're are miserable (Our stuff is still in storage from when we sold our house and moved up here. It's been a year)

    We need help. Please pray for a miracle. I wish to learn and grow with peers my own age who I can become friends with. the youngest person in the closest person to my own age (20) is 27 and also married. I have no peers my own age or also single. Pray that the situation with my Father is resolved. Pray that god will cut down a path for us in the turmoil and that we can escape. Please.

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    . . . . as you ask.

    (PS. might the Lord want you to grow inspite of that church, and help them to grow too?) He gives you all His Wisdom . . .