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Another school shooting in Finland

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  • IMPORTANT Another school shooting in Finland

    There was a shooting at a trade school in Kauhajoki, western Finland today (Tuesday September 23rd; about 11:00 local time). Eleven students have died. Three are wounded. The gunman, a student in his early 20’s, shot himself and was taken to hopspital where he later died.

    Please pray for the wounded, the families and friends of the dead and the wounded, and the people of Finland and its leaders and all others involved. Please also pray for the gunman's family.

    Please ask God to watch over and protect all those who attend classes and those who work in schools, colleges and universities in all nations.

    Further details can be found at (Finnish television news page in English) and (British Broadcasting Corporation, news site) and (CNN)

    The school is called the Seinšjoki vocational educational centre.

    There was a similar incident at a Finnish high school last November, when eight peole and the gunman died.

    Thank you.

    God bless,

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    If one member suffers, all suffer together ESV, 1Co 12:26a

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    Praying with you

    my God; in Him I will trust (Psa 91:2).

    If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior, NOW is the time.

    Persevere, pray and be ready for the Return of Christ.


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      Now Praying! Very sorry.


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          Give the families of the victims Peace Lord. Although we may shout Why, We know why Lord and we praise you for the time that you do give us.
          Please help the families of the victims and the family of the shooter. These families will need alot, but I pray that this situation will again be used to glorify the God who created us. Let these people grow closer to you and may they know the true healing that can only be found in your loving embrace. Bless them Father.
          Please Lord, let it be so.
          Humbly, I pray these things in your Glorious name.