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Our Family needs the lord so..

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  • Our Family needs the lord so..

    Hello, my name is Ruben, and i think some of you know me from some time earlier, i was a bit inactive at this forum, i came earlier to pray for my brother and dad, because my brother was despressed and wanted to commit suicide, and my dad had meningitis and he is an alcoholic, but anyways lot of things has happend lately, my brother was arrested because he threathend us with a knife, so my mum called the police and at the police station they did a bloodtest and he was under alcohol and drugs. and i really just wanted to pray for our family and especelly for my brother and dad, because my dad and mum or seperated at the moment because of my fathers alcoholic problem, and i really dont want them to divorce, they are now 28 years married, and i just couldnt bare the fact that they would divorce, so please people pray for our family, that my parents wont divorce and that my brother will heal from his depressive illness, and that my dad will be healed from alcoholism in the name of jesus.


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    that each member of your family comes to know Jesus Christ as their Saviour and Lord . . . and they receive His Healing.


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      Ruuybanj, am praying now for your family in the midst of these turbulences. Praying that our Lord will intervene and use these circumstances to reach them for salvation in Christ.

      Praying for the peace of our Lord for your family.


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        Praying with you for your family.


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          Please Jesus, take care of this family.. Please Jesus..

          Jesus please hear my prayers always for..

          Lorie & Her Son's Matty & Josh
          Mieke & Charles,Vhayes & her Husband
          SteelerBabe,Ken, Gracie, Mike
          Colo & Famiy & MercyChild
          Daughter & Family
          Vickie & Ashley
          For ALL suffering with ALS
          Moonglow and Nate
          My Brother Greg, and Sister Victoria, Dad & Cecilia
          Maureen and her Sons Kevin & Keith
          Kevin & Gwen, Ron & Angel
          Gary &Cleaveland
          EVERYONE here at the BibleForums
          Please Jesus hear my prayers...

          ***GOD BLESS***

          Redneck Charger..


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            praying for salvation and deliverance,love, forgiveness ,peace and unity for your family brother..

            God bless you and keep the faith and keep praying
            The Lord hears the humble cries of His children

            In His Service


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              To keep everyone on status, my parents are still seperate from each other,
              and im really scared that they will divorce, please keep praying, lord i ask you for wisdom for my father, to stop drinking , and stop lieing ! and that my mother and father will see that they are made for each other!, and that they can worship the lord together in their marriage!, please oh lord, we need you so!


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                Father, I bring Ruben before You. Lord please bring healing to this family. Soften the hearts of Ruben's parent's. Lord, free hid Dad from the bondage of alcohol. Our hope is in You, Lord.
                In Jesus Name, amen
                .................The message of the cross divides the human race." ~MW~

                ........ ... " LORD, I beseech thee, let now thine ear be attentive to the prayer of thy servant..."
                .................................................. .................................................. ...Nehemiah 1:11a


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                  Continuing to lift Ruben and his family before the Lord.


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                    I am praying for them and you


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                      Still praying with you for your family.


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                        Thanks everyone for the praying!, i cant be more grateful!
                        And to keep you all updated,
                        They are still seperate at the moment , my brother is doing little better, he is working at the moment, which i am thankful for, but still has little problems with drugs, and my dad lives still apart from us , how hard that is to believe for me, and i really hope that everything will be fine!, and i keep praying for it, cuz i know the lord will fix our family!
                        and my dad says to me that he really quit drinking, but i just hope and keep praying that is true...
                        please keep praying, specially round these times, cuz it makes me little sad that its not the same anymore, like celebrating new year and christmas with all of us,


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                          My dad is now home to watch a football game with my brother, but it really got worse, because i am now upstairs and afraid to go downstairs, cuz my parents started fighting i dont know what to do, i really need the lord at this very moment for a miracle, they cursing at each other and im so afraid that they will divorce, please lord help me!!


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                            Today, 10:47 AM

                            All I can say is that I am praying for your family to be delivered and made whole in Jesus' name. The Bible tells us that if we call on the name of Jesus, we will be saved...Glory to God, that is the absolute truth!!!! I was at the worst point of my life and didn't know where to turn or what to do anymore....drugs, alcohol, cigarettes (3 pks a day), no job...I said, "Jesus, I can't do this anymore; I need YOUR help." HE stepped in and took all the desire away and all withdrawals that would have normally happened from cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs. Thank YOU so much, LORD!!! And guess what, Jesus is no respector of persons. If he did it for me, HE'll surely do it for you and your family. May God bless you and reconstruct your family. May God pour HIS love into these situations that you and your family are dealing with. Amen.
                            John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that HE gave HIS only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in HIM should not perish, but have eternal life.

                            My testimony:


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                              Praying for you and your family.
                              -- Your ~sister~ in Christ.... a "Kaffinated Kittykat"!!

                              ROMANS 5:8. Forgiven. Freed. Humbled. Amazed. Grateful. Relying on Christ.

                              Love is not a place to come and go as we please
                              It's a house we enter in, then commit to never leave
                              So lock the door behind you, and throw away the key
                              We'll work it out together, let it bring us to our knees.....
                              Warren Barfield