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  • Despair

    Hi--I am new to the forum although I have been lurking for a couple of weeks. I am requesting for someone to step in the gap to pray for me. I am struggling and feeling despair to the point of suicide. I feel alone. I don't feel God's presence. I feel very tired. And I feel like giving up. I made an attempt this past wedns by remaining in my car with it running and the garage door closed for 45 min after dropping my 2 children off to preschool. but then for some bizarre reason a thought came into my mind (my nurse mind kicked in) that I did not want to get CO poisoning. So I got out of the car. I also did this in May for an hour. I have been having thoughts for quit some time. I have had to many things that have happened in my life this past year and they keep coming--not good things. I am in therapy and I did have an appointment that same day and did tell him what I had done. He fought for me through prayer and I signed a contract. Though the next day on my way to work and returning from work, I felt the urge to crank the steering wheel to cause it to flip into the ditch. It was more strong in the evening to the point I was going to go to the hospital. But my husband worked the next day. But I did make an appt for the next morning with my provider and she wanted to admit me. But what could I do while my husband worked concerning my preschool age children. She also upped my dosages on my meds. I am seeking help but I could use some prayer. It seems like God answers others prayers but not mine. I just feel like He does not hear me. I know in my head that is not true but my heart says otherwise. I won't go into details about the events but here they are: My husband lost his job in March (He did find a new one the end of April), My husband got himself kicked out of the house for alcohol abuse and still is not home. He says he is sober (since 6-9-08) but I think he now seems to be a dry drunk. I am waiting for specific things to happen before I will allow him to com home. My job situation--well I need to leave my current for the preservation of my mental health. I am looking for a new one or to transfer. I have pretty much been a single mother for the last five months and it is taking its toll. I also have personal issues that I need healing for which was initially what brought me to doing therapy. Thank you for reading my request and story. And I very much appreciate the prayers.

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    Praying for you in your serious stuggles StrengthforHim, and will remember to keep praying until there is some resolution for you. Praying that, no matter what, you will defeat this horrible suggestion that you commit suicide.

    Will be praying for your husband and his condition and circumstances, that there is a turning. Praying for his spiritual needs, that he be encouraged to turn to the Lord.

    Praying that the Lord touch your heart and comfort you and remind you that He will never leave, nor forsake you! Praying that He would grant you peace in this storm.

    Praying for your two little ones!


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      Strength From Him, well, that name is why you have not been successful in your attempts of ending your life!!!!!! You already have the head knowledge of Christ, now you need to pray for the "heart Knowledge!!!" Amen....I am praying for you as well Father, I pray that YOUR wisdom and knowledge flood the heart of YOUR child, whom satan is trying to devour. Father, show her what YOUR full armour is all about. YOU are in control of all things, Father God...YOU gave her the little children who are such blessings; could that have been to comfort her in these times of trials and tribulations??? Lord, strengthen her heart that nothing evil can enter. I bind all evil spirits away from her and her family, in Jesus' name. I break that stronghold of addiction over her husband and cast it into the abyss or wherever Jesus would have it cast, in Jesus' name. Sickness and lies are not from you, Father God. Renew her mind, in Jesus' name. Father, let her feel YOUR powerful presence and strength, cause all things are possible thru Christ who strengthens us!!!! Father, show her that SHE is YOUR Child!!!! Let her heart be bombarded with YOUR love and power. Lord, Father God, I pray all these things, in Jesus' name.

      Please know that our Heavenly Father loves you so. Please know that HE wants you to have and live life abundantly. Please know that HE loves you sooooooo much. Please know that you are joint-heirs with Jesus. Woo Hoo!!!! Now, that ought to make you shout!!! Glory to God.

      God Bless
      John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that HE gave HIS only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in HIM should not perish, but have eternal life.

      My testimony:


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        Praying for you, the needs you've brought forward, for your husband, and your children.
        -- Your ~sister~ in Christ.... a "Kaffinated Kittykat"!!

        ROMANS 5:8. Forgiven. Freed. Humbled. Amazed. Grateful. Relying on Christ.

        Love is not a place to come and go as we please
        It's a house we enter in, then commit to never leave
        So lock the door behind you, and throw away the key
        We'll work it out together, let it bring us to our knees.....
        Warren Barfield


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          Jesus please keep a watchful eye over Strength from Him.. Has lots of troubles, and needs You Jesus.. Please Help..

          And BTW
          G'day Strength from Him.. Welcome to the BibleForums.. Wonderful place to be..and even more wonderful to have you here with us..

          Jesus please hear my prayers always for..

          Lorie & Her Son's Matty & Josh
          Mieke & Charles,Vhayes & her Husband
          SteelerBabe,Ken, Gracie, Mike
          Colo & Famiy & MercyChild
          Daughter & Family
          Vickie & Ashley
          For ALL suffering with ALS
          Moonglow and Nate
          My Brother Greg, and Sister Victoria, Dad & Cecilia
          Maureen and her Sons Kevin & Keith
          Kevin & Gwen, Ron & Angel
          Gary &Cleaveland
          EVERYONE here at the BibleForums
          Please Jesus hear my prayers...

          ***GOD BLESS***

          Redneck Charger..


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            Show your love and compassion for your creation Father, touch the lives of those who are looking to you for their help, do this to bring glory to your name and to bring joy to us... In Jesus name I ask.

            I will keep praying for and with you.


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              Dear sister....please don't give up. Struggles may seem so overwhelming, and Satan will take any opportunity to make us think we can't go on, but the Lord promised to strengthen us, and that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

              The Lord loves you so much. He is not turning a deaf ear to your prayers, I can assure you. I will pray for strength, comfort, and encouragement for you.


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                Father, I ask that You would let Strength from Him feel Your presence. She needs to feel You walking through this valley with her. Please guide her through this difficult time. Protect her with the Holy Spirit against all demonic activity with regard to thoughts of suicide. Please help her family come back together. Grant her an extra measure of comfort and hope. Bless and keep her, in Y'shua's Holy Name. Thank You, Father, Amen.

                Be strong in the Lord. He will see you through.

                God bless.
                "Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth."

                { Psalm 46:10 }


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                    I humbly thank you all for your prayers. I needed strength from Him at the bottom of the pit I had descended into and I feel I have been lifted out of it. I hope I do not descend that far again and continue to be lifted further and further away. It's a very ugly and dark place to go. Thank you Lord for these caring strangers that have prayed for me, a stranger, and my family. May they be blessed by You as they have blessed me. Amen. Blessings! ~Linnae


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                      I thought I would provide an update----Between my provider, therapist, and employee health----They all strongly advised me to be admitted to a hospital. So, I am going today. Please pray for strength, healing, and restoration for me. I need to be healthy again so I can be who God made me to be for every area in my life and for myself. I desperately need strength from Him. Thank you. ~Linnae


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                        Please Dear Lord,
                        Give Linnae rest and restore her so that she may serve you better in the future.
                        Thank you Lord,

                        I have never found anyone, however religious and devout who did not sometimes experience withdrawal of grace, or feel a lessening of devotion. -Thomas a Kempis

                        If You Need Help, Ask God. If You Don't, Thank God. -Unknown

                        The devil is a better theologian than any of us and is a devil still. -A.W. Tozer


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                          Praying for you, Linnae, as you rest and with Christ's help, start towards healing.
                          -- Your ~sister~ in Christ.... a "Kaffinated Kittykat"!!

                          ROMANS 5:8. Forgiven. Freed. Humbled. Amazed. Grateful. Relying on Christ.

                          Love is not a place to come and go as we please
                          It's a house we enter in, then commit to never leave
                          So lock the door behind you, and throw away the key
                          We'll work it out together, let it bring us to our knees.....
                          Warren Barfield


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                            Continuing with all in lifting you and your family up before the Lord. Praying that the Lord will be with you mightily in your seeking medical help! Praying Linnae, that He would lift you out of this depression and give you new and lasting strength. Praying!