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UGANDA: Christian Convert Violently Beat by Father; 2 Churches, Pastors home burnt

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  • UGANDA: Christian Convert Violently Beat by Father; 2 Churches, Pastors home burnt

    click to enlarge; source: CIA World Factbook

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    Young Woman Hospitalized

    Morning Star News reports that on March 4 Wenene Nuru (23), a young woman who had recently converted to Christianity from Islam was beaten by her father – a Muslim teacher – and, when neighbour arrived, narrowly escaped being killed by him with a knife.

    A source told Morning Star News “Wenene was hospitalized for a week at Pallisa Hospital, [113 miles, 183 km, north of Kampala] ” and “Now she is being housed by one of the elders of the church in Pallisa.” They add 'Pallisa is 183 kilometers (113 miles) northeast of Kampala.'

    Pastor and Family in Hiding and Homeless; Church Members with 'No Place to Worship'

    Morning Star News also writes that on February 15th and 25th ‘Islamic extremists burned down”two church buildings of the Free Church of Christ, totally destroying them inside, and later, on March 2, the home of a church leader, Bishop James Kinyewa while he was preaching’.

    ‘ “Rowdy Muslim youths with clubs and machetes prevented him and others from going near enough to try to put out the fire at his house,” Kinyewa said.’

    The church leader and his family are now in hiding and homeless and the ‘church members have no place to worship.’

    Source (with further information)

    Please pray for the full recovery of our new sister from her ordeal. Please pray that she may be strengthened and become rooted and grounded in the faith. Please also pray for her father.

    Please pray for our brother and his family and for the provision of a new home. Please pray for the replacement of the damaged property. Please also pray for the perpetrators.


    God bless you,


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