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TURKEY: U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson Officially Charged; facing up to 35 years in priso

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  • TURKEY: U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson Officially Charged; facing up to 35 years in priso

    Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, March 20, that Turkey has officially charged U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson ‘with working to defeat the Turkish republic and stir internal chaos based on religious and ethnic differences’. They also report that the pastor is ‘accused of ties to Kurdish PKK, [and the] outlawed Gulen Network and that he is facing a ‘maximum of 35 years in prison'. Black Mountain News (N.C.) reported on Thursday, March 20, that the ACLJ (American Center for Law and Justice) has told that the trial could be ‘as early as April 16’ and that in the indictment Turkey ‘specifically states that pastor Brunson’s actions (are meant to) divide the country by means of Christianity.’

    Pastor Andrew Brunson has been imprisoned since December 2016.

    Please pray for our brother, for his family (including his wife Norine), his legal team, his Turkish brothers and sisters in the Lord and for all others involved in this case. Please pray that the charges against him would be dropped, and if the trial goes ahead that he will be fully acquitted of all charges.


    Black Mountain News


    Worldwatch Monitor
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    God Bless You,


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