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Nigeria: Delivering a Gospel of Healing.

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  • Nigeria: Delivering a Gospel of Healing.

    Tirham feels compelled to courageous work by Godís command for His children to be a comfort to one another. "My motivation is knowing that many people are hurting, and this is like a gospel of healing, a gospel of peace, a gospel that will bring forgiveness to the hearts of people and let people draw closer to God. Above all itís a gospel that leads us into the heart of God, knowing that in every situation we go through, God is there with us. Itís been impactful in the lives of everyone thatís come here. Thereís no one that has come here and left the same."
    • For Tirham as she speaks to Open Doors supporters at Standing Strong events, that God would give her the words to say, and that listeners would be moved to pray for and support our persecuted family
    • That Nigerian men and women in the trauma care centre would be healed of their trauma and see Godís purpose in their life
    • That the handmade petition would have a real, lasting impact in the lives of persecuted Christian women around the world.

    *Name changed for security reasons
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    Per Hebrew 13:3 please "Remember those in prison":

    Acts 21 Now they have been informed about you that you continually teach all the Jews who live among the Gentiles to turn back from and forsake Moses...Therefore do just what we tell you....thus everybody will know that there is no truth in what they have been told about you, but that you yourself walk in observance of the Law of Moses.