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  • I have no "moment'

    I have no "moment" of revelation that Jesus is our Saviour and God is indeed His father.

    Long before I chose to become a Catholic, I felt this way. I was not raised in a religious home though we "believed" in God and Jesus. That was it. Nothing more.

    We never discussed religion or God or went to church. I wrote of my background in the introduction board.

    I have always just "felt" God's presence and Christ near me. Even in sadness when I had no one to talk to, I knew Jesus was listening and shared my grief and I knew things would be better someday. I have never done drugs, nor have I used alcohol much at all, mostly a beer once in a while for a sore throat for it seems to help more. And at that, I usually do not finish it. I've never smoked....never rebelled against my parents, though as a typical teen, I did not always share their ideas. When I was a teenager, the legal age to drink in this state was 18...and everyone I knew went out to a bar when they turned 18. I didn't. Didn't feel the urge, or necessity to "prove" anything. In fact, I never took a drink at all until I was 21. I believe that the reason I never needed any of these "vices" is because I was postive that I was loved not only by my family, but by God and Christ. When I was much younger, I realized that the reason I grieve over the death of a pet or even a wild animal should I find one, is that it is the love of God and all of His creations that makes me care so much. Why else would a human care so much about animals, or even nature? It's God within us. I realized that when I am awed by a rainbow, or a beautiful moon shining over the ocean.....or a radiant sunrise or absolutely astounding sunset, that is God in my heart making me feel that way.

    Once when we were first married, my husband gave an old man, obviously a drunk some money. I asked him why he would give the man money when he was most likely going to buy more alcohol with it. He said that perhaps drinking is the only thing the man has left that offers him any comfort. He said that man was once someone's son, or brother, uncle or father, grandfather and that some how for some reason he is in the condition he is in now. It may be his own fault or it may be because of many things....but if by giving him some money for more alcohol at his age, it buys him some moments of comfort and reflection, he should have it.

    I know that most will say we should not have given him money for booze, but I felt that what my husband said is true. The man was very old and not in good condition. One day while at a red light, the light turned green but an old man kind of raggedy was walking across right in front of was in our downtown area and was a busy intersection. We waited calmly for him to cross, and he stopped and looked right at us throught the windshield..his eyes were blue, and luminous. His stare at us was jolting. It seemed he could see in our souls. Others were yelling at him to move along and at us for not going around husband nodded to him as he began to walk again, ............

    I wondered, what if.......that were Christ here to see how we would treat someone less fortunate and in our way. I've never forgotten that man's face.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Thank you for sharing this.


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      Your post touched my heart as i'm sure it will anyone who reads it. I just know God is pleased when we stop to recognize the beauty He has created. If I made a sunset i would be proud to know someone stopped to enjoy it. Thank you so much for posting and i hope to see ya around on the forum. God bless you and your husband.
      Are you into God?


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        I had that moment of which you speak. It came years ago when I slowly and thoughtfully read the New Testament for the first time.

        Once there was a man sitting in a grassy median in a shopping mall. I handed him a five dollar bill and said, "I'm sorry it's not very much." He said to me, "It's not what's here that counts (as he opened his other hand), but what's here that counts" (as he put his hand over his heart).
        Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held it's ground.