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Took awhile God finally got my attention..My testimony

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  • Took awhile God finally got my attention..My testimony

    I am a fairly new Christian. I am over 40 and I have only within the last year and a half accepted Christ. I am following him daily and It's amazing for me and at the same time I think what took me so long.
    I was not brought up in a home where God, church, or religion were a focus. My mom considered herself Catholic my dad never in my memory set foot in church. I had never really heard anything relevant about Jesus or following him. My husband has the same type of background and life has always been pretty good so I haven't ever had any motivation to change

    I think, I believed in God but I never really understood what that meant and I never had a relationship with him. I just thought I was a good person and usually did good things. I thought that was enough.

    A couple years ago my family went through some extremely rough times with a daughter gone astray and a number of other things all at once. It must have made me more receptive……
    One day in the middle of all this stress and turmoil our family was going through, I was at the library and a book caught my eye. It was something that I would have never been interested in but for some reason I checked it out...(I was there to get a book for my son on a completely different subject) It was about Christianity and I don't even remember the name of the book but I was amazed at what I read and how it all made sense. I sat down and read the whole thing in a day! A short time later a little booklet from a church in our neighborhood was stuck on my door. It explained how to accept Christ and it confirmed what I had read in the book. I believe God was at work already I can't attribute any of this to some person leading me.

    Still, I wasn't sure. It sounded great but the book I read said accepting Jesus as my savior meant following him. It meant I would be filled with the Holy spirit and I realized this would change me but even though I was miserable with how things were going..I was afraid to trust God and I am a pretty all or nothing kind of person so I thought, what if he sends me on a journey I am not ready for, all my family and friends are not Christian so how would that look, they are going to think I am a nut! I thought I would have to go out and try to talk to others and get them to accept Christ and that didn't sound like something I could do! I can also be a little fearful so all kinds of other fears about changing went through my head and I have to admit it took a little while of reading and thinking. Looking back I can see that God was really at work on me, because it had to be within this same time period some monthly little magazines from a Christian organization began coming in the mail and to this day I don’t know who signed me up or why they started to arrive. I began reading them and they encouraged me to start reading the bible.

    One day a short time later I decided for the first time in my life I would pray for forgiveness and accept Jesus and ask God to take over.

    Since then all kinds of changes have occurred in me and my family. Mostly positive and I am definitely not the same person but looking back now I have a hard time seeing why I was reluctant. I didn't realize then, that the Spirit changes your way of thinking. And God strengthens you. I also didn't understand that it isn't up to me to chase others down and try to convince them. I am just trying to shine God's light and hope some seeds I plant take root.

    My youngest daughter has accepted Christ and within the last few months we finally found a church we believe is where we belong.

    I am happy to say most of the turmoil my oldest caused us, God has turned into blessings. I think without it I would not have been in a place to seek him or listen. Her life has really turned around also and we have a better relationship now then ever.
    My husband and son are still not saved and the input from them is that they are happy the way they are and don't really see a need to change. They think they are good people. They don't really understand the whole sin thing. I think, they really don't know what happy is until you experience God's Grace and the peace and Joy it brings.

    I am praying for them daily and placing it in God’s hands.

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    What a great testimony, thank you for sharing it. It is amazing how the Lord works in the hearts of those who are seeking, that He literally sent the knowledge you needed to trust in Him to your door at just the time you needed it.

    Praise God that your youngest has also made a commitment to Him, and that you are able to attend Church together. I will uphold your family in prayer, that your husband and son will come to the Lord too.



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      Please continue praying for them. I sure will. I was lost for 18 of our 20 years of marriage. If my wife hadn't faithfully petitioned for my soul, I am sure that I would not have come to Christ. Broken, to be used. Praise God for your daughter and the blessing of a Christian mother. Have faith and believe and be Christ-like to the rest of your family and I am confident that they WILL discover the truth.

      Blessings sister. I will pray that your prayers are answered.