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    Thank you to all who read this. I pray that God may bless you through his truth.
    This is the short version of my testimony I am hoping to start work on a more detailed version. If anyone has any questions about anything specific or would like me to go into more detail then please feel free to ask me and I'll do my best.

    I wasn't raised in a religious home however my mother (although she isn't a Christian yet herself) decided to send us to Christian schools so that we could receive the teachings and be free to choose it if we would like. So, when I was seven years old and I heard about Jesus at school I went home and prayed to Jesus and I didn't pray for him to become my Lord and saviour no, I asked him to be my penpal! Strangely enough a few weeks later out of the blue a little friend of mine gave me a bookmark. it was entitled "letter from a friend" and had a letter written across it and signed "Jesus" at the bottom. I hadn't told my friend about my prayer and from this point I did believe in Jesus.

    Up until I was about 16 I was blessed to experience a very close relationship with him. At this time I did not attend a church and I had never read the bible except for the few stories I had heard at school.

    Around about 17 I began to drift deeper into really negative things (drinking and drugs depression self harm occult- a lot of these habits began earlier also and mostly just through plain ignorance of the Bible, without the word I didn't see certain things as wrong just unhealthy) and I eventually ended up becoming suicidal.

    I had some pretty intense negative spiritual experiences because of my involvement with the occult but God protected me during this time and slowly drew me back to himself through dreams visions and words. On more than one occassion I am 100% convinced if he had not protected me during this time I would not be around today!

    It was during this time in my life that I received the Holy Spirit, one night as I was sitting out in my garden I had a very distinct vision of Jesus and specifically of the love of Jesus, a voice asked me would I be willing to become God's possession? and I said yes. At that moment I felt a powerful energy flow into me and inwardly I felt an overwhelming feeling of love towards God and began singing praise.

    To cut a long story short God set me free from all the destructive habits that I had fallen into and since this time I have felt a strong sense of God's plan in my life. Slowly over the last five years (I am 22 now) God has been changing me and teaching me. I hope to give my life over to his glory.

    James 1:12

    12 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.