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An answer to a prayer

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  • An answer to a prayer

    I wanted to share something that I believe God has done for me. My wife and I have been Christians all our lives, but there was a time when it felt as though we went through a spiritual dry period.

    I feel like we have been coming out of that for a little while now and I wanted to share what I believe may have been the answer to a prayer. This is a dream that I had one night some years ago and I just shared it with my wife for the first time tonight.

    I was afraid to share it with her sooner because of what she might think. After telling her and seeing her reaction I was greatly encouraged and decided to see if anyone else might also take encouragement from it. I also wanted a place to write it down to help me recall it later. I have never taken deriving spiritual meaning from a dream lightly and in all of my life I have had many, many, many, very wild dreams because I have an active imagination.

    That was what I expected anyone I told this to to say, my wife included. After seeing that she did not assume that, nor did she judge me for it, I thought I would like to look for feedback from other Christians. Here is the dream:

    I was walking through what appeared to be a grassy yard or field of some kind on a warm sunny day. I was with other people who were also walking the same direction and seemed to be with one other person in particular who could have been my brother or someone I knew very well and was close friends with.

    We we’re walking along beside a chain link fence when suddenly I noticed things started gradually being lifted off of the ground and slowly began being pulled sort of up towards the sky, but not exactly the sky per se, more sort of just being pulled away from the ground we were walking on. Everything started being pulled up rocks, other people, myself.

    this next part I want to try to be very careful trying to describing because it feels like it takes away from what I was seeing. It was so immensely different from anything I’ve ever known that just trying to put words on it diminishes it in a way. I could never describe what happened in a way that would do it justice, but I’m going to try my best. I am putting great effort into trying to describe this even though I can still see it clear as day thinking of it. So back to the dream:

    As i noticed everything in my immediate area including myself started being pulled along. It was so much that we were being pulled upwards exactly just that we were being pulled away to somewhere. I initially was a bit uncertain because I did not know what was happening and I had no control over it. No one really seemed surprised by it though, it was like it was supposed to happen and we were all aware of it and no one was afraid.

    So as everything started being pulled off the ground I grabbed onto the fence I was walking beside and pulled myself down onto it into a seat position as I look upwards into the sky. What I saw was like nothing I’ve ever seen before in my life.

    This is the part I’m afraid to describe. It was so beautiful. Everyone was at peace, and playful, and just happy. It was exuberant excitement though, it was more calm and confident happy but still with great excitement. There was a sort of blackness to the background as it seemed to extend outwards. There were lights moving in all directions, but also in very few and specific directions that seemed to serve certain purposes.

    At the point when I saw this the grassy area I was walking through and that entire planet I was on suddenly felt so tiny compared to what I witnessed. I didn’t just see it like you see things with your eyes I could feel it. I could feel how small the tiny little planet I was sitting on was. I could also see what seemed like other planets with other people more then I could count seemingly unending also being pulled towards this expanse.

    They were all happy about it and glad to be going there. Not like ecstatic but just generally happy and glad this was happening. More then anything else I remember the overwhelming feeling of peace. Everything and everyone was at immense and profound peace, that was by far the most prominent emotion at the time.

    The depth to what I was seeing was indescribable. There was such depth, like a crushing depth that you can feel. The immensity would normally be terrifying, but I have never felt such peace before. Even just imagining what I saw fills me with a sort of gravity and weight that is difficult to describe. There was such richness and depth I had no idea what I was looking at, but at the same time I and everyone else there all knew exactly what we were seeing and no one not even myself was surprised by it.

    In the dream I thought to myself “this can’t just be me.” I have had many, many years of long tales of vivid dreams my entire life so I’m very familiar with an overactive imagination, but this was unlike anything I have ever experienced before. As we sat on the fence the person I was with joked light heartedly. I let go of the fence and allowed myself to drift delicately for a few seconds then grabbed the fence again and pulled myself back into it.

    We light heartedly bantered about needing to hold onto the fence. It was funny at the time because we all knew that it made no difference, we were all moving into the light no matter what it was just where we were going. So I held myself there on the fence, taking in the sight the best that I could, but I knew that I would never see or experience anything like that again. I would never be able to accurately capture it, and if I tried to I might even destroy the memory of it.

    I would never be able to recreate what I saw, and even now it almost hurts just to focus on it too hard. It doesn’t hurt like painful, it’s just that I can feel the enormity of it in my stomach as I imagine it. Myself, everyone, all of the planets, everything was so tiny by comparison. I don’t want to get repetitive here. I remember thinking, “Could this be heaven? Am I getting a glimpse of heaven?” I knew for certain that it was nothing like I have ever seen before. Everything had so much detail.

    As I sat there watching I knew that it was coming to an end. I tried to keep myself there for as long as I could and take in as much of what I was seeing as I was able to, but I knew it was ending. This was a few years ago. I was very hesitant to say anything about it, but I believe at least this memory of it is the answer to a prayer.

    The past few years I have struggled with the fear of death and attachments to this life. When I recall this dream though it makes me feel much more at peace about leaving this life behind. Not that I would ever want to leave, but if I did I would be able to feel more peace about it. I really don’t think it could just be a dream, even with my imagination, but even if it was I really don’t want to loose the memory of it. I hope someone out there is able to understand what it is I’m trying to communicate here. I would love to discuss it further if anyone has a similar experience.

    That is my testimony.