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  • Suddenly

    I was just home from work, and I was heating up a frozen meal in our oven, and waiting for my wife, and mostly grown children to return home.
    All of a sudden I felt this terrible pain in my head. I didn't know what to do, but I swallowed an aspirin. Before I could do anything else I felt myself collapse
    to the floor like a rag doll. My last thought was that this was it, and I was dying. Would I wake up in Heaven? My older daughter arrived home soon after
    and found me. She called an ambulance for me, and by the time wife arrived home, I was being whisked away to a hospital. They figured out that
    I had suffered a large cerebral bleed caused by an A.V.M. An arterio-venous-malformation is a birth defect that I had no idea that I had which could
    flare up and threaten to end my life. The doctors waited for the swelling in my brain to go down, before operating to try to save my life.

    I was out like in a coma, and it was just as well that I knew not a thing. Wife later told me that she brought the kids to the hospital one evening, and they
    laid hands on me, and asked Jesus to heal me. They did not ask the hospital for permission to do this. She prayed for me many times while I was
    ill, and asked relatives, and even some whole churches to pray for me. I had an eight hour brain operation to try to save my life, but the doctor still
    did not think that I would survive.

    I remember waking up in my hospital room, and not being even able to turn over in bed. Oh, to recover enough to live five more years. I would love that, but
    I guessed that only God could do that for me. Weeks went by, and my short term memory was for a time almost totally shot. Would I ever get to return
    to my home, and see my children again?

    God can do what he wants to even if the doctors don't believe that.

    I got home after two months, and little by little I slowly improved. God can heal very quickly, or he can heal more slowly perhaps because our faith is not as great as it should be.

    By five years after I was back to normal, and working and driving my car again. When I got enough years in, I got to retire. It has now been 18 years, and
    thanks to Jesus I have my life back, and I do well for my age also. Thank you Jesus!