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The Answered Prayer.

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  • The Answered Prayer.

    It was early in the morning one Sunday, and I was on my way to sell at an antiques sale in a nearby town because my family needed the money.
    I had been a Christian since I was very young thanks to my relatives, and I had been taught to pray to the Lord for those who were ill, and for those
    who were in need of his help. However I saw few of my prayers answered until I was just over fifty years old. This was the first of my prayers that
    I knew was directly answered.

    I prayed while I drove, and asked the Lord if there was something that I could do for him that day perhaps at the sale. I didn't expect a direct answer,
    at least not right then, but it seems that I got one. As I slowed down for a stop light early that morning there was like a message for me in my head
    made up of thoughts. I was told to pray at the stop light for the occupants of the two cars stopped with me at that light. One was going in my direction
    right in front of me, and the other stopped coming from the opposite direction. I was to pray for their personal safety, and also to pray for their salvation in
    Jesus Christ. As I did so, and looked up the light turned green and off we went. I followed the car in front of me for less than a half a mile although
    I was not close behind him. I was still thinking about that prayer and the reply I seem to have received. I was not sure where that reply came from or
    if I had imagined it. Just in case it was from the Lord I did just what I was told to.

    Then I continued to follow that car, actually a small pickup truck, until it approached a hard left turn where it slowed down, and then turned too much to the left going off
    the road into the bushes and weeds. It was one of the cars that I had just prayed for! I was very surprised to say the least, but I slowed down,
    and parked on the side of the road, and got out. The driver of the other car got out, and came back to the road, and I asked him if he was OK.
    His car was only maybe ten or twelve feet off the road, and he answered me that he was fine, but his car was not going any where right then.
    We looked at his car, and he said that it had a broken axle. There were bushes, and weeds, and a tree near where he went out.
    There were cell phones in those days, but they were I think early ones, and neither of us
    had one with us. He was a bit younger than myself and he told me the car belonged to his boss, and he didn't know what he should do. I told him that
    I could take him to a phone at the service station, and he wanted to do that so I brought him there, and waited until that was done. On the way back
    I told him that God had looked out for him that day, because it looked like he had just missed a fairly large tree by inches, and if he had hit that then he
    might have been hurt bad. He looked surprised when I mentioned the Lord's name, but he agreed. Then I brought him back to the car, and I went off
    to my sale.

    I have had years to think about this. Was he someone that the Lord was pursuing so that he could be saved, and then I helped in a small way
    to reel him in? Maybe so.

    If the Lord answers one of your prayers, and tells you to do something in line with his word...then I sure recommend doing what he tells you to. For sure.
    The thanks belongs to Jesus!