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The Changed Relative.

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  • The Changed Relative.

    Long ago, my relative was very ill with cancer. I will call her name Bernice here. She was my aunt. Uncle did everything to get her help, including getting a doctor
    to try and help her using methods advanced for the time period. They used radioactivity on her cancer to try to retard it and everything else that they thought would
    help. When they later tested her again they found that unfortunately the cancer had spread to her brain. That was more than they could help with, and they sent her home
    to die with some pain meds. Aunt knew the prognosis, and was upset as you could imagine.

    Uncle brought her home in their car, and one day he was driving her past a cemetery when she saw it, and she started to cry and scream, because she knew that soon she
    would be in a place like that herself. She had been told so. She was not ready to give up quite yet however, and at home she read her Bible, and got information on Christian healings
    from a church into such things. She prayed and prayed and prayed, and one day she got an answer. It was a voice from the air, a quote from the Bible. "Be still, and know that
    I am God." She could hear this message with her ears.

    Strange, but after this Bernice did not seem to get much worse, but in time she improved more and more. She lived to see her grandchildren, and even to see my children.
    She got her life back, and lived some thirty years more. Thank you, God! When she did finally pass away it was noted that she did not cry, or scream, or protest.
    Bernice was going home to the Lord! Praise Jesus!