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The Wedding.

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  • The Wedding.

    It was several years ago, and our oldest daughter was getting married. It was a happy time for us all, until the problem came along.

    At her work place daughter had talked to a lady there who needed help, and she recommended to her following the Lord, and going to church.
    But evidently the lady resented it, because she worked to get our daughter fired from her position. She was let go, just two weeks before the big wedding day.
    Awful timing! But it was worse than that, because the new husband had to quit his job just before the time of the wedding so he could move to daughter's town, to move to daughter's small town house, that she was buying. So, instead of the two incomes that they had before the wedding they would have no jobs, no income at all! Wife and I were not wealthy, and had little to spare to help them with.

    It was the sunday before the big day, and wife and I were in church waiting for the service to start, and all of a sudden, there was like this message
    for me in my head, a message of thoughts. It was something like the following... Take the savings bonds from your lock box, made out to your daughter and
    give them to her for after the wedding.

    Well, that was it, but I didn't know anything about any savings bonds there. My mother had passed away a couple years before that, and she had
    left many of us savings bonds, but there were no more that I remembered. After the service I asked wife if she remembered any savings bonds
    in our lock box, and she said no, but we both decided to look in that box when we got home. When there the first thing I did was to unlock that box,
    and inside was a white envelope with savings bonds made out to daughter. Enough for the honey moon? Maybe.

    That sunday afternoon I called daughter on her phone, and told her about the bonds. She was very busy, but not too busy to come over later that
    day for those bonds. They were more than mature, and when cashed in there was enough money to pay for a honey moon, and also all their
    modest expenses until they both had jobs. Thank you, Lord!

    Do I think that we forgot about those bonds until the good Lord reminded us?
    I don't know, but maybe we were supposed to forget about those bonds until this time of real
    need came. Thanks to Jesus!