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  • T.C.

    Before my illness I worked for an office for several years. Employed were several experts in mathematics who worked on numbers related to health statistics.
    We assisted them as much as possible. T.C. worked there as one of the experts, and it was my place to provide them each with a computer to work with, and to keep
    it running as it should.

    In time T.C. became ill, and his kidneys failed. He began to come in to work less and less. When the time came for our group to move, he was not able to come in to
    the office to pack his things, so I, and another employee were asked to pack his hundred or so books, and other items as well. I found that he had a Bible
    there in his office, one that was written in his original native language. It looked like it had been used often. We packed his things, and we were later all moved to
    a new office by the moving men.

    One day I was asked to take a lap-top computer over to his home and set it up so he could do some work there. I did so and he was not in great health. He was waiting
    for that kidney. The problem was, in my mind, that he was somewhat old, and would they give him a precious kidney when so many needed one?
    Well, when I had set up his computer, I asked him if I could pray for him, because I remembered his Bible in his office, and thought that perhaps he had faith, faith that would help heal him. He agreed right away. I prayed out loud, asking for his healing so he could come back to work again at the office. When I was finished praying, I said "Amen", and he thanked me.

    Two or three weeks went by, and they told us that he had been approved for a new kidney, and in time we got word when his operation was completed. Another couple weeks
    went by and we were told that he would be returning to work with us later the next month. When he returned, he looked better, and he returned to near normal in time.
    Thank you Jesus.

    A year went by, and it was my turn to have my own severe illness. I was hospitalized in close to death condition, but was also prayed for by many, and after a couple months I was allowed to return home. Later I got to come by the office to talk to my employers, and to see if I would be allowed to also return to work. Daughter drove me there, and when I got in the building I went to my old office, and it was locked with a combination lock. I remembered the combo, and let myself in. It all looked the same. Then my neighbor, T.C., came in and he appeared to be very amused.
    The day before one of the directors had come by with the combination, but he could not unlock it. He had to get help. I could understand why he was amused.

    I worked there once more for another three years until I was old enough to retire. Thanks to the Lord Jesus for second chances for T.C., and also for myself! Amen.