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The Car Accident

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  • The Car Accident

    It was years ago, and I left early one morning to sell at an antiques sale some miles from our home, because my family was short on money.
    As I drove from our town I prayed and asked the Lord if I could do something for Him that day, and I had in mind perhaps something
    at the sale. At the next small town, I was slowing down for a red light, and there was like a message for me in my head. Like thoughts.
    It was something like the following:

    There is something you can do for me today. I want you to pray for the occupants of the two cars stopped there at the light with you.
    One was going my way, and the other was going the other way. Pray for them for their personal safety today, and also pray
    for their complete salvation in Jesus Christ.

    Where was this coming from? I was not sure, but just in case it was from the Lord, I did exactly what I was told.
    Then the light turned green, and off we went. I went about a half a mile when I saw the car in front of me
    swerve off to the left, and plow into some bushes. It was one of the cars that I had just prayed for!
    I got out of my car and the driver came from his car out to the road, and I asked him if he was OK.
    He was, but his car was not going anywhere.

    We looked at his car, and it looked like he had just missed a fairly substantial tree by a very few inches. There were
    cell phones then, but they were not as common as they are now, and he asked me to drive him to a pay phone.
    I did so, and while driving him, I told him that the good Lord had been looking out for him, because I saw how close
    he had come to that tree. He looked at me a bit strangely when I mentioned the Lord's name, but he agreed
    with me.

    He called for assistance, and then I drove him back to his car.

    I have had some years to think about this. Was he someone being pursued by God to reel him in? To save him?
    I think maybe so.

    This was one of the strangest things to ever happen to me, but I think I was supposed to do what I did.

    Thank you, Jesus!

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    I am glad to know that you are well and okay, thank you for sharing!