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    I felt led of the Lord to post this after praying for us this morning...

    I was not raised in church, so I had no beliefs in God, I didn't even know the truth about Christ. I thought He was a good man that people killed, [and this was from seeing movies at Easter, and Christmas]. When I first came to the Lord, it was not in a church, or by anyone"witnessing to me", but through reading the Word of God.

    I had tried to kill myself due to years of abuse from my mom, [the first time I tried suicide was at age 10]. Everyone was amazed that I did not die because if the pills didn't kill me, then I should have been killed on the freeway because the only way I could have gotten to where they found me was to cross the freeway. I thought I had passed out after taking the pills so I didn't remember anything after leaving the house.

    Everyone in the hospital was amazed, the police kept questioning me, then the priest, rabbi, pastor, and every other religious leader affiliated with the hospital. Everyone was looking at me in amazement, and I was trying to figure out why I was still here. After everyone left me alone, I said to the Lord that since He had not allowed me to die, I would not try to take my life again, and I would find out why He wanted me her

    I worked at a county nursing home, and we had three chapels. In my search for God, I went into the Catholic chapel but their Bible was in Latin, so I couldn't read it. Then I went into the Jewish chape but their Torah was in Hebrew, and I couldn't read that either, so I went into the Protestant chapel, and found the Bible. Praise God...

    I spent that first year prayerfully studying the Bible, looking up words in the dictionary, cross referencing scriptures, and writing down "revelations" from the Spirit of God in notebooks. When I got to the scriptures where Jesus was crucified, I saw it, I promise you I saw Him on that cross, and He looked at me and said "it was for you I died". I cried that day, and repented of every sin I could think of. I kept saying His dying for me would not be in vain. I told the Lord I would serve Him if He would show me how. I told Him there were so many churches, and everyone profess to be right, how was I to know? He told me to gauge everything I heard by His Word...

    The first church I felt led to go to was a Pentecostal Holiness church, and I saw people do many things, [tongues, dancing in the Spirit, slain in the Spirit, running, etc] which I did not understand. I remember thinking, "this is why there are different churches because I will not be doing any of this"...smh! I considered leaving...

    Then one Sunday, I came to church and something began to happen to me. I was in the service praising God, and I began to feel something, a gentle overpowering, [I know no other way to explain this]. I tried to shake it off, however it was still present. A woman came over to me, and gently whispered in my ear not to "quench" the Spirit of God, and left. I didn't fully understand what she meant however I knew "quench" meant to "put out", and I didn't want to do that.

    Finally, I prayed, and I said to the Lord whatever was "of Him", I wanted, no matter what, and that yielding changed my life, my spirit, and my walk with God, and in God. I have come to realize that a person with an experience is never at the mercy of one with just an argument.

    I am saying that to say this...

    We can debate the scriptures all day long, and stubbornly stand on our side of the fence however I believe that everyone's true agenda is to serve God, to know God, and to get more of Him. Might I suggest that everyone just go to the Lord, lay aside our feelings of being "right", [because that really doesn't matter], and yield to the Spirit of God stating whatever is of Him, we want it!!! What do we have to lose but some pride.

    Can we ask the Lord to reveal to each of us what is His truth, that the eyes of our understanding would be enlightened. Can we do that? Not so you can see things my way, [what would I gain from that?], but so that we can all see what is God's truth. I can trust God, can you? Some may say they are doing this, and I am sure the Lord will reveal Himself in time.

    This will be the only way that we will come on one accord, and truly see the glory of God.

    Someone asked on a thread why we no longer see miracles, I think we don't because we can never truly agree on anything. The believers in the Upper Room had to wait, I don't believe they were waiting on the Holy Ghost, but that the Holy Ghost was waiting for them to get on one accord, and when they did...what a fire!!!

    Grace, and Peace...
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    "...For I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict, or resist...Luke 21:15"...I am looking for the remnant....sigpic

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    I think it all depends on what one consideres to be a miracle Some consider a sunrise or the change of seasons to be miracles. Others need more proof.

    I thank you for your testimony. Reading the testimonies in this forum really makes me stop and think.
    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23