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Im back and finally committed to the right God (ex-occultist)

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  • Im back and finally committed to the right God (ex-occultist)

    I was on this site a long time ago and today changed my status to "Yes, I am a christian".

    For most of my life God had been a confusing topic in my life. It was never good enough for me to just say "Oh yes, I believe there is a God" but I had to find the "right God" to feel right.

    I became involved in New Age Spirituality to begin with. I read some new age books and became involved in tarot reading. This went on for a few years and in this time i also dabbled in the occult. I had a group of friends and we formed a Wiccan (witchcraft) cult together.

    I then met the guy I am destined to spend the rest of my life with (i believe). He was a christian and after we started going out he learnt I was wiccan. He wanted me to become christian so bad but i kept saying how i did not believe in Jesus. He even fasted for a week (or maybe it was 4 days?) and prayed without me knowing that he wanted me to become christian.

    One night I went on Spring Camp and there was a moment where they said "Stand up if you want to follow Jesus..." and i was at the point where i could stand up. Funny thing was, the way they worded it (i can't remember exactly) i thought everyone would stand up so it was sort of embarressing when i was the only one and everyone was praying around me.

    For so long i had felt that Wicca was not evil and satanic because it was "white magick" and its motto is "If it harm none do as ye will". I just thought "how could it be evil?" Eventually dark spirits entered our lives. My friend woke up and said something was in the room with her. I also tested God one night (back when you are non christian testing him doesn't seem bad, haha). I read the bible in my wiccan circle. I just happened to open a page talking about how God was going to win and the devil wasn't. I felt like evil spirits were getting angry and were all around me. Another friend in the cult tried the same thing and had the same experience. I still have one friend, the only friend who remained in Wicca. Her life is more messed up than anyone elses I know and even her wiccan life sometimes comes borderline with satanism.

    To anyone who has dabbled with the occult and still has the same doubts i used to "It cant be bad because its white magick, good magick. How can helping people be wrong?" One thing i learnt is that the devil is tricky. He doesn't have to turn you into a bad person to separate you from God. All he has to do is make you follow the wrong path and even if he uses good magick to keep you out of a relationship with God then he will do this. It will never fufil you and it will turn on you eventually. Satan was an angel so who is to say that he can't use white magick?

    So, even after that day I did not see an instant change. I have always felt so far from God and further from the name 'Jesus'. It has not been a fast change but i can see the transformation now.

    I threw out my books on Wicca and my tarot cards and my tools. I did not want to profit from them when it would be encouraging someone else to get involved in Wicca.

    At Church it took me a long time to understand Jesus and perhaps i still have work to do. Im still working on things that i dont understand but now i know that i will find the answers and that i have finally found my religion. My heart...that piece of it that was empty...feels whole.

    It took awhile before i was brave enough to reach out my arm in Church when worshipping the lord. I know not everyone does it, but the only thing holding me back used to be fear of what other people would think.

    I finally want to go to Church every week and go to prayer meetings and open myself up to Christians. I still love my partner very much and our nearly 4 years together has been very special. We have gone against everything christian --- lost our virginity to each other, lived together for awhile, etc. Now we are both in a good place with God vowing to not have sex until marriage and establishing a future (marriage, house, etc) together.

    I used to think that if I wasn't with my partner i would fade from this religion like it was just another phase. But i know now that i have a real connection with God. He is with me now. I am a stronger person and while i still have many unanswered questions to do with Jesus and the bible i am satisfied that all my answers will be found in my faith and in the bible.

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    I'm so glad you've found your way to the Lord Trust in Him and He will guide you along the way.

    It's not always an easy walk, but it is SO rewarding
    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23


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      I remember you. We joined this site in the same month. I'm glad that you have found Christ

      Praise God!!
      I didnt know the link didnt work


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        Really!? You remember me? Why dont i remember anybody. Oh well. Just means i have lots of people to get to know!!!


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          I enjoyed reading your testimony. I am so glad that you got out of wicca, it just leads your life into misery. I seen it with a close friend of mine. Praise the lord that he sent a young man in your life to expose you to being a Christian and you were able to make an informed decision as to which life provides serinty.

          Much Love and Blessings!



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            Great testimony, and I'm very glad that you came out of witchcraft. You make the very good point that it gets darker the longer you're in it, and you can see how your friend who stayed behind is getting sucked into ever darker realms. It must make you even more awestruck that God saved you... this kind of thing reminds me how astonishing it is that God saved me.

            God is gathering His people out of every tribe, nation, tongue, out of every background, and your testimony may help someone where you were to step forward in faith. Thank you for sharing it.
            Please could everyone pray for Mieke and Charles.

            My testimony