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My cancer was a blessing in disguise

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  • My cancer was a blessing in disguise

    Hello. For a time I have been compelled to share this story with the Christian masses as a sort of testimony. It may sound radical, but I believe in my heart that this was from God.

    For years I struggled with sexual sin. My big three sins used to be smoking, drinking too much beer, and men. I loved men. I loved looking at them. And more than looking. I used to tell God all the time, "Lord, I think I could quit beer...and cigarettes...but I will never, ever be able to quit enjoying the fleshly pleasures of a hot man."

    And I really believed it. Two years ago, in 2006, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. The reason I got cervical cancer was because of HPV, and the reason I contracted HPV was because of sleeping around with too many men. At the time, I was pretty depressed. I was given a 40 percent chance of life, which was a really big thing to accept, that I might die at 34 years old.

    Anyway, I kept a positive attitute. I really did, through the radical hysterectomy and the two months of chemo and radiation treatment. I made my peace with dying early. I told God if he wanted me, I was his to take. That was two years ago and so far I am clean of cancer. If I make it three more years, I will be considered cured.

    Because of the radiation, my ovaries died. I no longer feel any sexual desire. It is comepletely gone. I can opt to take hormones to enhance my sexual desire, but I choose not to because of God. My cancer stopped me from sinnning. And this verse in the Bible kept coming back to me:

    "If thy right eye offend thee, pluck it out. It is better for your body to be maimed but the soul to be in heaven rather than the body whole and the soul into hell," or something along those lines.

    My ovaries were full of this crazy testosterone that kept me seducing men in large quantities lol. Now it is gone and I have more important things to focus my energies on. Sometimes I get a little sad about "not feeling like a woman anymore," but on the flipside, I never have to worry about sinning in that way anymore. My refusal to take hormones, even though the doctors have advised me to, is my "gift" to God to keep myself chaste. I will not take hormones.

    I know that God cured me of this sin. It was drastic, but I actually feel like my cancer has become a blessing to me.

    It also reminds me of the consequences of sin. The wages of sin is death. Literally could have been, and might still be, in my case. I know it is not a popular attitude today, but most cervical cancer is brought on by woman who make very immoral decisions and indulge in behavior that brings this cancer on themselves.

    Thank you Lord, for curing me of this sin.

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    I am sorry for all you went through but I am rejoycing you have come to the Lord
    The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23