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ONE of the foundations of my faith - My story

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  • ONE of the foundations of my faith - My story

    A long time ago, in perhaps 1986 or 87, I had been saved a few years. We didn't have much in the way of money and my car was breaking down. I recall praying one evening and discussing the car needing brakes and such with the LORD and I heard the LORD tell me to 'fix it.' Now, this was hard to describe, but not a booming or even audible voice, but more like a message in my head or soul or whatever, but I knew it was of the LORD.

    I took my car to Sears and they did $500.00 worth of work. I prayed for how to pay for it all. Then, I had to pick the car up and I gave them a check - not enough money in the account. I prayed and prayed and sweated and fretted because I knew that check would not clear and finally, it didn't clear. I arranged to go up to Sears on such and such day and didn't know what I was going to do. Finally, the day came and all day long, I fretted and dreaded and didn't know what to do. That afternoon, after work, I checked the mail and there was a Discover card that I used to cover the check. WooHoo!!!!!

    Here's the thing. For years afterwards, I could not ever recall having applied for a Discover card and not only that, but we were so poor that NO company in their right mind would give us a card. Years later, I finally remembered that one day while leaving the mall, Discover was giving away a couple of 2 liters of Coke if you applied.

    Now, so many years later, I can sometimes doubt, did I really hear God? Was all of that really God? After all, it isn't such a great story because I wrote a hot check and all. Nonetheless, sometimes when doubts come flying around my head and I look back to then and I know. There is just no way I can chalk up to coincidence hearing/feeling God's voice saying to fix the car and then at the exact last moment, that card coming through - THAT WAS ALL GOD.

    We read these convoluted stories in the Bible of how the LORD rescued His people and He rescued me back then.