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  • Please Help As a child

    As a child I spoke with the angels. They showed me much and told me I'd forget until it was time to speak. I've been remembering much and gaining insight so I've made a series of videos where to the best of my ability I have shared what I learned.

    I think there is valuable information in this content and I wanted to share it with people who might care as most people turn off the videos as soon as they see my face.

    I've also built a website where I give an account of the structure of the universe which I've pieced together from what I was shown.

    It's a lot to get your head around but I believe it's worth the effort and I hope you'll try.

    Here is a link to my youtube channel

    Here is a link to my website I hope you will forgive the fact that it's a work in progress. The core ideas are in place. I suggest reading the section titled "Science & Spirituality" as it contains the most comprehensive view.

    It will mean a lot to me if someone really tries to understand this because I have no one to share it with.

    For those of you who have struggled with doubt about your faith I want you to know that Christ is very real and He loves us very much.

    All the best