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    Hey I was just wondering if it is a SIN to listen to music other then Gospel. I'm not talking about music with cursing or and thing nasty and dirty in the lyrics I'm talking music like Chris Brown, India Arie and many more. My church says that we arn't allowed to listen to it cuz it's a SIN, but I don't feel condemned when I listen to it, nor do i feel as if I'm sifting away from Christ.

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    Scripturally I don't think you could show it's a sin unless you're listening to some really potent (by that I mean bad) stuff. Of course you have to consider how it will affect your witness and if it will cause a fellow brother or sister in Christ to stumble. Otherwise I don't think scripturally you could show it to be sin.


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      if they could just go ahead and point that one out in the bible, then i'd agree. my question is 'what is considered gospel music?'. seriously, unless the music is anit-christian i wouldn't worry. opinions aside, you've gotta ask youself, would Jesus listen to this music? that's what i base every life desicion on, and if there's even a question i don't do it.

      i listen to some brutal metal bands, but they're amazing christian dudes, so saying 'anything other than gospel music is a sin' seems plain silly, to be honest. when in doubt, pray about it.

      and, i agree with what Xel said. if it hinders your walk with God, even if it's 'nice' sounding, then that's no good. anthing having a negitive impact on life should be avoided.

      Matthew 26:41
      "Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak."


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        The probelm with music is what it makes young people do. Even if itsnt making you do somethjing its making you think it. You shouldnt fill your head with thoughts against the scripture. Most r&b music sings about premiscuos sex.
        The worst part of music is once youve heard a song more then once you start to sing the words youve heard. If your singing to songs about sex then its becoming more sinful and vulvger.
        Not all music aside from the gospel music is bad though my advice though is try to stear clear of songs that sing about things that you know are spreading a bad message. Be aware that the artist is making music that sales generally there not too worried about how it affects a persons opinion or personality.
        Listen to music because you can relate to it and its not against your religion. If you buy a cd dont listen to the songs singing bad subjects or if you burn cds dont download the songs you know are the bad ones.
        I wouldnt say it really matters on the artist because music is an expression when you listen to it, it should help express yourself.

        The only ones you should stay away from is the ones putting majority explicit lyrics out. Theres no good in that!


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          Originally posted by youngjoshuatree View Post
          The only ones you should stay away from is the ones putting majority explicit lyrics out. Theres no good in that!
          It's all about content.. No such thing as a Christian E# and a Satanic E-; it's all in the lyrics.


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            What does your spirit tell you? If it's not in the bible, then you must rely upon your communion with the Holy Spirit to guide you into morally correct behavior for you. I'm not espousing moral relativism...but some people find the Holy Spirit beckons them to higher standard than others.

            For instance, I live beneath this purity covenant, although I would never press that standard of morality upon anybody who wasn't looking for it.
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