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    Hi there!

    Question.. I'm gonna design a nice little ecard for my boyfriend of a few weeks... but I'm not sure what to say! I want it to be nice but not too forward and sort of make him think, like a verse or a poem or something? Does anybody have any suggestions?

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    Make him think in what way?


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      Originally posted by Xel'Naga View Post
      Make him think in what way?
      Yeah, in what way?
      You can NEVER Out-Give God. Try Him, you'll be embarrassed!


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        Well the bible has some pretty awesome (and rather thought provoking) things about love. like "These three remain: Faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." or "God is love."
        I mean, you can ponder over what that means forever!

        As far as poems, I love the classics and Shakespeare was pretty good at his sonnets. One of my favorite's was Sonnet number 102 which is all about how he doesn't say "I love you" or endlessly compliment his lover because he doesn't want to cheapen his feelings for her or dull her with his repetative talk. He's also a good pick because, given his language and style, he definitely makes the left side of your brain itch when you read him. They're all on the internet, I'd encourage you to skim them. If the first two lines don't get you, move on.
        "I'm thinking of starting my own talk radio show. I'll spout simplistic opinions for hours on end, ridicule anyone who disagrees with me, and generally foster divisiveness, cynicism, and a lower level of public dialog! Imagine getting PAID to act like a six-year-old!"

        -Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes: Theres Treasure Everywhere p. 138