It is an unfortunate thing that there are so many bound by sexual immorality. However, that is the case with many people and we recognize that as a fact. Our goal here at Bible Forums is to offer a place for folks to fellowship, discuss Scripture, as well as minister to those that need ministering to. Sexual issues do make some folks uncomfortable and we recognize that fact because the majority of mod's aren't that fond of talking about some of the issues on the open board. But it is a reality and one that we cannot hide from because of the times we live in.

All of that being said... I want to let you know the official board stand on issues of sexual immorality and that covers homosexuality, adultery, fornicating, masturbation, porn, and whatever else fits the list. It is SIN because it is summed up simply as sexual immorality and a SIN that no Christian should be practicing.

It is almost guaranteed that whenever the subject comes up... there will be a majority of folks that are making it know to be sin and yet there are always those few that spend post after post to justify the sin. It is our belief that those who believe this need ministering to as well because they are in gross error. We will tolerate that to a point but rest assured... we do have a line in the sand.

The Admin discussed this at length as did the entire moderator team at Bible Forum. This is the instruction that we have passed down and this is how these matters will be dealt with on this message board. Keep in mind that if you have an addiction with something sexual in nature, you need to contact either Slug1 or Cheech and talk with them in the "Breaking the Chains" forum.

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Here's what we as moderator's will do here in Bible Forums.

1. It is a sin. That is our focus and that is the MAIN POINT. Sexual immorality covers a multitude of issues. Porn, masturbation, etc... all covered in those two words. I can sum it up in one word... SIN.

2. If a person is caught up in that sin... they need to repent. Yes, say God I am sorry for this nonsense and then... STOP IT!

3. Then we need to explain to this person that God has empowered them with all that is needed to live a life of godliness while here in the nasty now and now. They can be victorious over this SIN.

Those three points are the points that we as moderator's of Bible Forum need to pound home.