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  • well....

    For those of you who know, my boyfriend and I were having some doubts about if we should be together...if you want the gist of it I have another post up here(Relationship help?).

    But anywho...we broke up last night. At first I wasn't really sure what to do...because I was really confused about how things were going with us before he suggested going back to being friends, so I just went crying to my mom, and I thank God for her wisdom, because I talked with her about it and she helped me see that it was for the best. He said that he needed time to get back on track with God and figure out what was going on in his life, and given certain circumstances with his best friend (they're practically brothers) I can understand that. So now we're no longer dating, but will remain friends as far as I can see. I told him that I'd still be there for him if he needed me for anything. He's a good kid and I care for him, so I guess I just need to give him the time he needs to get things straightened out with God, even if it means we won't be back together like we were.

    I just want to thank you all for your help (and sorry about the novel. haha). God bless.
    Release the Lion