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Have you ever felt the power of God?

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  • Have you ever felt the power of God?

    I have been a Christian my whole life, but I've only felt the power of God on rare occasions.

    My parents tell me how God will often speak to them, but I have never had this happen to me. My parents say that they can speak in tongues, but I have never heard them. (BTW-my parents would never lie to me)

    When I was young I felt a strong urge to not go swimming in a pool at a hotel my family was staying at. I told my Dad and he went ahead to see if anything was wrong. As it turns out a man who was running from the police had taken off all his clothes and was hiding in the pool.

    A pastor came and spoke at my school chapel and I could feel the power of God within this man. As he was preaching he invited people to come up on the stage so he could speak with them. He said "if God is telling you that he wants you to come up on stage then he has something he wants to reveal to you." I felt God urging me to walk up to the stage, but I didn't go up...I was afraid of what he might say. A friend of mine went up to talk to him and after he came back he said "that guy knew about the problems I was having in my life and he was able to name them specifically".

    Since that day I have regretted not going up on that stage, it could have changed my life. I try to follow God as best as I can, but I feel no love and no joy in what I do (or in life for that matter), I want to feel these things but I get so discouraged. I really need God to speak to me or give me a sign, I want to feel at peace.

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    live a life full of the fruits of the spirit, its not that the Lord isnt speaking to us its that were usually not listening, I hear him only at rare times as well


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      I feel the same way... sometimes. Look for positives and negatives in life, and clench tight to the positives. It really will help you with your thoughts, beliefs, and behavior. The behavior will help you to love your neighbor as yourself. I also think what you're really searching for is fellowship.
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        I find it hard to "hear" God quite often. Sometimes though if something just keeps bugging me and bugging me, then I know that He's trying to tell me something. I do get the ever-famous "gut feelings" when I think something will have a bad end or something similar to that, or something will just be on my mind almost constantly.

        But I have felt His power a few times, mostly when I was at a convention or at church camp. Whenever my eyes are opened to something that I never knew before-or even something that I had forgotten-I feel broken but whole at the same time. I know that's strange, but God is close to the broken-hearted...and I feel like that sometimes it's necessary to have a broken heart.
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          I feel the power and presence of God everytime I sit down in my room alone to worship God. Really that is the key if you want to meet with God. Simply put, when you are alone in your room ask Jesus to meet with you- then pour out your heart to him in prayer and worship, he won't dissapoint. Keep in mind, God is not interested in worship, but worshippers- he wants you more than he wants your praise. Give yourself to him and he will give himself to you.

          If you have no joy or no love in your life then you should take a look at this it will explain things in much more detail than I can. No Jesus, no joy. KNOW Jesus and KNOW joy.

          Praying in tongues is as real as you and I. God has given me the gift of tongues which is a real blessing when it comes to worshipping God. If you want to, ask God for the gift and he will give it. Then, after asking try speaking in tongues, you've got nothing to lose.

          Hope this helps brother, don't be afraid to ask questions.
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            GOd is always speaking to you if you are one of his.. the trick is knowing his voice...and to do that you have to spend time in his word and know his character and attributes... i was the same way struggling to hear god. but turns out he was talking to me all along.. think of it as a radio frequency, it is always there you just have to tune into it