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  • Struggling with life

    In the urgent prayer request section I posted about how my dad had been arrested. We know it was for stealing but stealing what we don't know. My family has had many hardships. My dad lost his job years ago and hasn't found a new one yet. The only thing keeping us from being homeless was my grandmother letting us live with her and a part-time job. Two weeks ago I had an upheaval and came to see that I had strayed off the path. I'm 20 years old, single, and really really scared. We live in a small town right now and I don't know anyone. There are not many my age here and none at the church we go to. We go to this church because it is the one my parents went to when they were young and feel if they went to another one that they would be betraying that church. I'm scared and crying and could use some guidance on how to get through these hardships. I came to this section to see if there were any my age who could help. If you can please do. Just scripture, words of comfort. Anything would help right now.

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    i will pray for you situation for sure. can't say i can relate, so i can't imagine how hard that would be to deal with.

    John 14:1 NIV
    [ Jesus Comforts His Disciples ]"Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God ; trust also in me.

    it may be hard but look to God for the strength to get through this.



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      The first question I need to ask is: Is the church you are attending feeding you? I mean spiritually? Is the Gospel of Jesus Christ being taught with power and authority? If no seek out a church that will, if yes then seek out someone in their 30s or 40s who are mature in Christ. They could be a wealth of wisdom and comfort for you, a mentor to help you with your walk with Christ. They can join you in prayer for you father and family. Also remember the word fear not is used 366 times in the bible one for each day of the week and one extra just in case you need it for an emergency. In our current economic time (which are going to get worse) faith in Jesus Christ is all the more important. I know my wife and I have fallen on hard times but Christ is meeting our needs monthly and we continue to rely on his word. I have set up a PowerPoint presentation with biblical words of encouragement that when I open automatically play, faith cometh from hearing and hearing from the word of God. Satan plants seeds of doubt and doubt is the opposite of faith, so I read the word and use the PowerPoint to sow seeds of faith in my life and I do not have time for Satan to sow seeds of doubt. In your situtation I would not be concerned with age but with meeting mature Christians who can guide and help you through your rough times. In all situtations praise God for he is faithful to those who thank him. and I know first hand it is not easy to do, but I can tell you it does get easier the more you do it.


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        The church is the body of Christ, which is everywhere. The disciples traveled from place to place living with other people of the body. The Lord is not inside those buildings he is the God of everywhere (Omnipresent). I myself am 22 and my wife and I have been jobless for about 2 months, we really have no money, but because we trusted fully in the Lord he found a place for us to work and serve in Florida. During the times of our unemployment I did a couple different contract jobs and sometimes thats what we have to do even if it means hard labor. By now your father probably feels like a complete failure, just continue to really encourage him and do your work and If you trust in the Lord with a full heart the Lord can do great things.


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          Keep praying to God for help, he'll never let you down and you can always trust him.


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            Hi SnowAster, I'm a 20year old Christian who has been some difficulty in the past before I knew what God's Word says about such situations.
            The most important thing that has brought me through is the fact that I am God's child, therefore He cares, He knows, He sees and He answers. Remember that everything that happens in our lives is not by chance, God has planned the path we are to walk in..In times like this, yield the situation to God..and sieze to worry. Once its in the hands of the mighty God, you need not worry.
            Keep praying and put all ur trust in Him and He has never and can never fail.

            God Bless and Keep pressing John 16:33,Jesus lets us know that we will indeed face distress, difficulties and hardship in life, but we are to take courage, remain confident and strong, for He has overcome the world ..He has stripped it of its power to ever harm us.